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“Music (singing) & Spirituality gives me inspiration to live life to the fullest”

Vinod Trivedi, Chairman of Progressive Group, is a well-known name among the builder fraternity in the city. Their projects are one of the best in Navi Mumbai. He also encourages and inspires others in the city through his singing and multi-talents. He was interested in singing during his school days but didn’t get a chance to prove his mettle because the family members wanted him to pursue the family business.  But the love for singing and presenting it to the audience was the aim and goal which turned into reality at the age of 59. He started getting trained from his Guruji Dr. Vikram Parlikar and devoted himself fully to it and now singing has become a part and parcel of life.  Vinod Ji has served as a president of Builder Association of Navi Mumbai (BANM). He is a hard-core social worker and works in many social and religious organizations as a President or Trustee. His wife Indu Trivedi has supported him in all his endeavors and because of her he has achieved a lot in his life. Progressive Group business carried out jointly with himself and his two highly capable sons Devang Trivedi and Jigar Trivedi. Both sons and family encourages Vinod Ji in music and social work. He feels they are blessed family and happiest of the lot. In a candid conversation with Newsband Sr.Correspondent Abhitash D. Singh, Vinod Trivedi shares in length about his journey.


Let us know how your singing career started and how’s the journey till now?

I was having singing talent since my young days but could not pursue music further because the financial condition of the family was so-so. I was born Pre-Independence in 1946. During that time the country was not so prosperous which we can see now. During that time population point of view there were around 8-10 sisters and brothers in each families. Today the case is “Hum Do Hamare Do” and now it is “Hum Do Hamare Ek” also in some case. In today’s generation one try to find the talent in their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters at very early age and if they are good in particular skills they are trained in it so there is lots of scope for today’s generation. But in our time we were told to study and then get good job and business and support the family. So at that time there was no room for our talents and hobbies. Since I was having a good voice and also a social worker and holding senior position at many trust and organization I use to get opportunity to sing at various programs. I thought that if I am getting the opportunity and God is helping me then I should sing in a systematic and right way, therefore I started taking training in singing from Dr.Vikram Parlikar at the age of 58-59 and got trained from him for 11 years in light music because at this age getting trained in classical music was difficult. After getting trained my albums came out. My first album was “Bhakti ki Ganga” and 2nd one was “Mere Ghar Aaaye Ganpati” and my latest album which came out is “Hare Krishna- Journey of Iskcon”. My first two albums were also telecasted on Sanskar Channel. It is an achievement for me that my Bhajans got telecasted on international channel. I also initiated a video CD of my Bhanjans and also did shooting of it in temples at various places like Pune, Mumbai and also got opportunity to shoot in Siddhivinayak Temple. Today also one of my Bhajan “Main Sharan Tumhari Aaya Hu” is played at Siddhivinayak Temple occasionally. I have presented 150 Live Shows in which I have sung Filmy songs, Ghazals and Bhajans, but mostly I do bhakti songs. I do 1/3rd of filmy songs and 2/3rd of Bhajans programs.

Who motivated you or are you your own inspiration?

My nature is that whatever I do, I does it with heart be it business, writing, social work. I am true to that particular thing it is not that I do it for proving to others. After entering into singing field and by the blessings of Saraswati Mata and Guruji’s good training I worked really hard and the best part is that I kept on getting the opportunities. I was crazy and it’s my belief that if you are not mad in any profession than you will not go that extra miles to achieve that particular goal or aim.

You started your journey late so don’t you regret it, because if you would have started at early age you would have reached some different level, Comment?

My co-singer and artist always say me that if I would have started 15 years back than I would be really at different level. But whatever I am now I am content and happy. Starting late at the age of 59 and reaching at this level in just 13 years’ time is also an achievement for me. The big achievement under my belt is doing 54 episodes of “Geet ki Bat Vinod Trivedi ke Sath” on FM Vividh Bharti as an Anchor and Singer.I was very lucky to get approved as anchor and singer for Geet ki Bat radio show, as their selection criteria are very tough. I will say one should be happy in whatever he has, why to cry on the things which we don’t have with us.

Nowadays there are many platforms for the youngsters today in singing which were not at your time, how important these opportunities are for them, Comment?

Due to improvement and prosperity in the country nowadays younger boys and girls are getting lots of opportunities to prove themselves. Also parents are encouraging their child which was not the case during our time.  And nowadays Karaoke is in demand so already the orchestra is ready for the singers and they don’t have to go anywhere. Nowadays there is a singer in every home. Earlier there were thousand singers but now there are lakh of singers so the competition has grown. So in competitions time you need lots of hard work. One more thing is that today’s young generation singers are not taking proper and systematic training, I am not saying these for all but there are many who get training through Karaoke. The real training is when you sit with Harmonium and Tabla and also your Guruji sit along with you and there you are trained and learns music systematically. Karaoke is a fast food, the way fast food is not good for health same way Karaoke is just for hobby. But if one want to make career in singing than he or she need to take proper training in it. But in today’s generation there is lack of patience for learning basic music.

What will be your message to today’s youngsters who are inspiring singer or in any art?

God have created everyone with some unique talent. So first of all one should find out what special talent they have. And then accordingly need to find out whether I am good singer, writer, musician, artist, actor, director, recordist or actor.  There is no ending of art. One should do a fundamental hard work and should take a proper training. One should go deep and work hard and not just for showing to others. Any art form needs training. Whatever you do you should have good talent in it, good mentor, and hard work and struggle to achieve it. One must love and get fully involved in training of any form of art.

Which all singers’ songs do you sing in your program?

I sing songs of K L Saigal, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar and many others. I sing in my own voice buy try my level best to bring them alive through my songs. Luckily lyrics of about 100 Bhajans and Filmy songs are in memory, so easy to feel and sing songs.

Do you go through riyaz for singing?

Yes, I do riyaz practically every day for an hour. And that is the reason I am able to sing nicely at the age of 73. My co-singers and another people who meet me think that I am not 73 but much younger. According to me singing is a complete yoga. In singing you can practice yoga, pranayam, meditation, puja and stress buster. Music is a therapy. It keeps one away from many diseases and improves the life and keeps you young in spirit. I also write articles in magazines.

Give encouraging message for the Navi Mumbaikar’s?

My message for the Navi Mumbaikars will be that everyone should develop one hobby if possible because person with hobby will never feel lonely. Hobby serves as aims and objective in living life.

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