Villagers from Raigad district get lesson on cashless transaction

Steps taken by Pillai’s group management and students

When the demonetisation was initiated on 8th November, 2016, it was initiated keeping in mind the digitalisation and cashless transaction in villages too in near future. On the one hand, many people in urban areas are using cashless transaction but in remote parts, still many people are yet to get used to it. In order to educate all the villagers of Raigad district, the Pillai’s group of Institute staff along with students keep visiting the remote areas and train the villagers about the cashless transaction.

Many banks in Raigad district after the demonetisation distributed point of sales (PoS) machines among commercial units in the small village. It was initiated so that all the villagers should have their own bank account and all the village will be counted among cashless economy.

The then district collector and district magistrate of Raigad Sheetal Teli Ugale has directed to make all 67 villages cashless and in 2016, two villages that are Koproli and Deriwali in Panvel taluka went cashless.

During the demonetisation call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ugale held meeting with officials and decided to make villages cashless where common and honest people faced maximum difficulties. As per the 2011 census, population of Koproli and Deriwali villages is 1113 and 1212 respectively. However, in the year 2016-17 due to number of housing projects the population in these villages went around 4000. In comparison to other villages, literacy rate of Koproli and Deriwali was little encouraging. Koproli’s literacy rate was 84 percent while Derwali was 81%. Since the literacy of these villages was good, the officials found it easier to convince. Officials also found that women of the village showed lot of interest in new mode of payment, after they were informed.

When the banks and all the government officials were encouraging the villagers to go for cashless economy, the Pillai’s Group of Institute came forward and initiated to train the villagers about the cashless transaction. The students and the staff jointly go to villages and just create awareness among the villagers about how to be friendly with cashless transaction.

One of the senior teaching staff members from Pillai’s said, “While training the villagers about the cashless transaction, we always inform them about the security features which will protect savings. We also inform them about various methods of electronic payment like credit card, debit card, netbanking, RuPay, PayTm, using Aadhar card among others.”

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