Boston Institute of Analytics in Navi Mumbai now

BIA to train students in data analytics

 The demands for data analytics jobs are increasing in the country, but due to unskilled people in the field the demands are not met. Keeping in mind about the gap the Boston Institute of Analytics opened their training centre in India. BIA will also set up it centre in Navi Mumbai too because the satellite city is slowly becoming the Information Technology hub and it is developing at rapid pace.
The BIA is an international organisation that imparts training in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to students and working professionals via classroom training conducted by industry experts.
Speaking with Newsband Ashwin Meshram, CEO, Boston Institute of Analytics said, “A lot of students and working professionals are interested to tap the enormous number of job opportunities in the analytics sector, but don’t know what they can do to become trained in this sector. Our aim with BIA is to bridge this gap, and offer targeted training programs to make people skilled and employable in the analytics and data science field. Our part-time courses ensure people can pursue this training while continuing with their current professional or educational commitments.
He further added that, “It is a myth that non-engineers cannot enter the field of analytics and data science. With the right kind of training, students from any field, irrespective of whether they are from commerce or science backgrounds, can get skilled and employed in analytics sector.”
Sufiya Khan, Public Relationship Officer of Boston Institute of Analytics said, ” At BIA we conduct in-depth classroom sessions and it is conducted by renowned data science experts, follow a curated course structure to ensure that students have a solid foundation. Unlike other institutes we just don’t provide with theoretical knowledge but give more attention towards practical knowledge. The course are divided into three sessions that is beginner, intermediate and advanced. In three months time one can become a certified data scientist.”
She further added, As of now there is a demand of around 4.5 lakh data analytics in the country in many sectors like E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, Education, IT and many other sectors but we have only 2 lakh skilled employee. So BIA will fulfill the gap and will provide more skilled employees.”
“The center of BIA will be initiated in Vashi in Navi Mumbai and it will be located near the station so that it can be convenient for the students. In one batch we will be taking only 25 students so that we can give more attention to each student” informed Sufiya.

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