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Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


Mithoon a multitasking talent doesn’t need any introduction. He is a music director, composer, lyricist and also a singer. The music director is well known for his composition of the famous Hindi song “Tum Hi Ho” from a big hit movie Aashiqui 2. The song was on everyone’s lips when it released in 2013. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for it. In 2016 he wrote as well as composed one of most heard songs on YouTube and it was “Sanam Re” for which he won the Global Indian Music Academy Awards. In a telephonic converstaion with Newsband, Mithoon talks about his journey.



Q.1) Share your experience of your first hit songs like “Who Lamhe” in Zeher and “Aadat” in Kalyug?

In fact, Wo Lamhe in Zeher and Aadat – both of them were not my original compositions; they were adaptation which were done legally and properly credited as well. So I think they were good platform for me to start off and communicate with my listeners in terms of music production. I come from a background of music theory arrangement and for me to do something was very exciting back than when I was just 19. After that I started off with my independent original composition from Bas Ek Pal and after that I have never done any further recreation. I think there were good songs to start off from but then I left recreating behind back then.

Q.2) Parents are regarded as God those who have brought us to this wonderful world and we have observed that you give full credit to your father for your successful journey, Comment?

I think for every son his father is completely irreplaceable and the way a father influences his children I think it’s nobody else in this world can do because the first superhero that a child actually meets is nobody but his father same is in my case I think whatever I am today as a musician as a composer and even as a human being I owe it to my father It was his passion and the honour he earned among the fraternity which inspired me to take the music in first place. And it was because of training, guidance and inspiration that he gave me that I started my career at the age of 19 which saved a lot of time for me and he has stood by me like a rock and I think that is one position which is completely irreplaceable in my life.

Q.3) Elaborate as to why in 10 years in the industry you have done less than 15 films with very few solo or complete movies?

I always believed in working on my own terms. In fact even in some of my first films that I did I really remembered being very very firm about my work patterns. I truly feel blessed that I get to work with people who were gracious enough to give my space and my time. And even today I take my own time to do the music which I do. I love my music. I love the process of creating music. And I enjoy it and I am not there to prove the point to the amount of work I do, but  I believe whatever I put out should be quality, genuine, sincere, honest music that is my mantra that I have been I following  and I am very happy doing that. As far as solo film are concerned I have done some good solo films The Train, Agar, Lamha, Last Year Shabd which also won earned me an international for its music was an solo sound  track and its highly appreciated music even Akshar 2 was solo song track. I have been doing some good solo songs tracks as well as I do not have problem sharing because it also suits kind of work patterns I have that if I have to do one or two songs than I get that much more time and I take months on those songs and I enjoy that also and some of my best of works come on shared sound tracks including Aashique 2 so individually I don’t have any problems.

Q.4) It is said that sometime you take one month for one song, Comment on it?

So my previous answer just replies that. I really enjoy the process a lot and I spend lots of my time on music. Until and unless I am fully convinced what I have done I myself don’t play to my directors. I have a very critical self analytical process which I go through that so why my music has the kind of impact it does on my listeners.

Q.5) How it was composing all the songs for Ajay Devgn movie Shivaay, Comment?

Working on Shivaay was one of the adventurous experience for me because I think Ajay Devgn is a very passionate filmmaker apart from the great actor he is known to be. He really inspires you a lot and the best thing is he pushes you to do what you have never done. The Shivaay title track and even the love song in the film call Darkhast was a very new experience for me because I see love from melancholy perspective but he wanted me to delve into the adventurous side of love and I really enjoyed it. Even the BGM the film was shot so beautifully and it has such a powerful script and such an emotional journey that scoring for the film was a treat and I took 35 days to do the BGM and the way everything I shaped up I am really very proud of it.

Q.6) How important is the music for a film?

I think music has always been very important in cinema right from the beginning.  Be it in Hindi Cinema or World Cinema. And speaking of Hindi cinema I would say of songs apart from music even BGM is universally very crucial it’s a character in the film. Song are soul of any Hindi films and I come from the school of makers like Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Raj Khosla, Mahesh Bhatt and makers like Subhash Ghai Sahab who have actually shown that how music can be a greatest narrative a film makers can use. And we as an Indians are very much musically oriented and we are emotional listeners. We have so much music in our country like classical, Hindustani, folk, semi classical and all is integrated into Hindi films and that will always be the foundational pillar of our cinema and it should always remain which I don’t want to change.

Q.7) Let us knows about your future projects and also plans?

I have many interesting projects Lined up. I have got Ek Villain 2 with Mohit Suri also his very ambitious project called Merry Christmas which will happen sometime around next year, I have got Satellite Shankar happening. I am scoring music for a film titled ‘The List’ which is my first global project.

Q.8) Earlier melodies were the soul of the films and lyrics were meaningful but today a trend has changed what is your input on it?

I personally do not believe that the trends have changed. I think every generation has its share of good and bad and that too I feel is very reflective because what is bad for someone maybe someone else is daily consumption. So I really don’t look at music from that narrow perspective. Relatively speaking from a personal perspective good and bad has always co-existed in every point of view? It depends on what listeners choose to listen. I think even in today’s time in last decades some great songs has come and some composers has put a fabulous work, great work and some great lyrics has also come out. I could make a mention of a song which Rochal Kohli did Tera Yar Hu Main which is beautiful composition and beautifully written and it’s done so well and I could not believe that good music is not happening. It’s happening in its own way.

Q.9) Lastly, can you elaborate in sync with the future plans, basically what do you think is the need of the audiences in these times?

I don’t function as an artist catering to any needs as such. I believe that music which is done sincerely and think if music done without any agenda without the influence of any trends or any plastic influences always reaches people  and anything that is done sincerely will always touches the heart of the people and ultimately that people’s need and nothing more that.


Abhitash SinghMarch 21, 2019


Born in London, Shubhra has all the sensitivity and spirituality of the east and the fine art of understanding, appreciating Aesthetics and absorbing and delivering Art Practices of the west.

He as an international filmmaker has been making films for the past five years. Even after doing a Masters in Film Direction from ESCAC, University of Barcelona, he considers his father Kumar Vandit as his first guru because he played an important role in guiding him through his journey as a filmmaker. He believes in working in all genres and formats. In a very short span of time he has met with significant success with social documentaries and fictional drama in Europe. Based on his profile last year Cannes Film Festival officials invited him for the festival. In a chit-a-chat with Newsband, filmmaker Shubhra Vandit opens out about his journey.


Tell us how your filmmaking journey initiated, were you interested in filmmaking during your school days or there were some other goals?

It’s a very interesting journey, my father being a filmmaker himself so as a kid we use to often read those VHS cassettes and watch that on TV and really use to enjoy it after long day of shoot. I watch my father shoot and for me it wasn’t about filmmaking, but a bunch of people working together and lot of energy at place which I didn’t use to find at other work places. I find it very interesting and that was my childhood. But then jump to 2011-12, that was the first time when I went to the Mumbai Film Festival and I watched two movies that had a very profound effect on me. One movie was “Once upon a time in America” by Sergio Leone and other one was “Sunrise a song of two humans” and the movie was from 1927. Martin Scorsese always talk about that as a filmmaker don’t go to movie to learn something from it, but go to film to see that its speaks to you. I have learned about this quote much later in my life, but this was what exactly what happened with me when I was watching those films. It resonates with me I understands that, whatever is happening on the screen was so powerful so that was the beginning of my filmy journey. And then it so happened that I worked with my father after my graduation and that was interesting. I made some documentaries and social message films and then I decided to do master in film direction. I went to Spain to do masters. The thing about Spain master’s degree was that it was very intensive course and it was taught in Spanish language and I did not know a word in Spanish. The reason I did that was because it is very easy to be in your comfort zone in your own city where you have your own home and friends and try and learn something. But the movement you step out of your comfort zone where you enter in a land where you doesn’t speak your language and you don’t know anyone. I think at this movement the cosmic play come into picture where things happen to you if you take an effort. If you keep sitting at home nothing can happen. It is a brilliant way to propel yourself to take action and to achieve your goals. They always says that always do the things when you are not prepared to do that because you will have to not only do your things but also have to fight other circumstances which will keep you on the track. The latest Jurassic Park movie which you would have seen was been directed by the alumni of my school which is a big thing for me.

Let us know about the movie which has been made by you which is appreciated by the masses?

The thing is that my effort in filmmaking is that because films are such a powerful medium; I feel that it should be used for the social betterment. We should at least try and convey issues that are not bring to the light by other mediums and also the issues which are not addressed by the people. One of the films that I made in Spain was called, ‘L ‘estoc’ which is in French and this is very interesting thing, and these are the group of intellectually challenged designer who take waste products recycle them and create amazing furniture. Now the thing is that by seeing their intellect speed disable they are autistic. So they don’t actually work for any NGO, they own their own company. In India there are so many NGO’s who employs disabled people. But here they are not employed by any NGO’s but they are the proprietor of their own company. Not only they are artist but also a businessman. Such a brilliant idea it was, so when we made this film the government of Barcelona picked up this film and they showed it in different institutions as a means of motivation and it was an achievement and great moment for me. You humble by your work and that was the idea of the film so that it can reach the masses. Their efforts are brought to life and that was the main idea. It won at many film festivals. It has won the Best Film Award – at the ‘Paris Play Film Festival’, and was an Official Selection; at the ‘Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival’ it was also at the Niece Filmmakers Festival and many other festivals. And the idea of the film was that their voice should reach to the people and that was the best thing which I can do through my film.

What’s your genre and forte?

Apart from social films, I have also made drama and romantic films. But my idea is always to have, the genre is not so much of the attention the idea can be anything and one can make it into comedy, drama and horror film. Look at Charlie Chaplin all the different shoes were so so grave, there was somebody who is living on the street which is not so funny things but he made it a film which is comedy film which will make you laugh but at the same time it will make you think that what about the guy who is living that life. I have made documentaries and also working on drama films. But I would also like to explore drama films. As a kid I use to practice martial arts. Bruce Lee philosophy has a very powerful impact on me. So I would like to pursue something in action.

Being a director which production houses would you like to work in India and even on foreign land?

I have been a director-writer actually and most of the films are written by me. And I always use to look after working with different writers and directors and producers. The kind of film which I have made in India is doing quite well. There are many digital platforms and also web series is doing a great job. I can say that web series has opened a whole new avenue for the story-tellers and the filmmakers. So definitely the kind of work Anurag Kashyap is doing and by Excel Entertainment of Farhan Akhtar and even Zoya Akhtar is doing a very marvelous job. That being said, apart from that there are lots of production houses which I know.

 Will you be approaching any production houses with your stories because nowadays production houses are willing to invest in the films if the content is good, comment?

The kind of a trend which I have followed till now is that I love to travel to explore new culture and that was the reason I did my masters in filmmaking in Spain. I feel I want to continue doing that, going to new destinations, new lands with new languages and make films over there and adopt their culture and portray that in my films. As vast this world is the human emotions are limited. You feel happy when you achieve something, you feel happy when somebody has done something for you, you feel sad when somebody breaks up this is regardless of the culture. So these emotions are absolute, but the journey of the people are very different and that something I am very passionate about.

Let us know about your favorite directors in India and Internationally?

In India I remember watching Satyajit Ray’s a port orology and that has such a profound impact on me because the way he incorporated and a realism in his character and I felt like how you bring those things to portray on the screen and that was something which I was really touched with. And internationally there are so many Martin Scorsese is my Guru and I am looking forward to collaborating with him at some point of my life.  There are of course some as old school if you talk about F W Monroe from Germany and so many Italian directors. I remember watching “Rome Open City” and “Bicycle Thieves” and they have such a profound impact because they are old films.

Which Indian actors would you like to work with?

I loved the work of Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Sanju because the way he enacted the character was really great and it reminded me of Will Smith who enacted the character of Mohammed Ali. You will feel that you are really watching Sanjay Dutt and Mohammad Ali. I can say hats off to them. I also liked the acting of Alia Bhatt in Highway and I said wow that is superb acting.

What your views on Philosophy of Life and People?

I am here for emotions and experiences. Follow’s Bruce Lee’s philosophy – Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is essentially your own. So the idea is not to be stuck with any belief system, continually re-evaluate yourself. ‘Better an ‘Oops’ than a ‘What if’…Always fascinated with what drives people, how making one choice over other affects the quality of their lives.

Talk about the achievements of all your films?

My film, ‘L’estoc’  ‘Street Talk’ was screened at the ‘Bibliocurts de Barcelona’ and has a mention by the Government website of Barcelona and many other websites. Social media mentions like tweets by ‘CatalanVoices’, an offshoot of the Government body, ‘Public Diplomacy Council of Catalunya, Diplocat’, have appreciated my work as a “unique perspective”. In Mumbai too, my film, ‘Street Talk’ was selected by MAMI, Mumbai Film Festival and was screened, receiving critical appreciation. Street Talk is one more such a film that speaks of sad and happy philosophical lessons of life learnt by the chief character. Las Ventanas is actually a window to the mind and heart of the protagonists who were deep lovers and becomes a window to your soul after you take in their experiences which had an official screening at the Cinema Club Competition, Barcelona. Paola takes you on an intimate journey. Having struggled with body-image herself, Paola De Grenet captures mesmerizing photos of her brave subjects, who also deal with self-image and body-conflict.

What moved you to make the film on Differently-abled and other offbeat subjects like Street talk and Paola?

Since childhood, I was reserved by nature. With Hip-hop and then with films, I found my belongingness. The subjects of these films had struggled with similar issues in their lives and they found their belongingness in their professions. I related with their struggle. Hence I wanted to spread their stories.

Your film ‘Windows’ is again different, especially the editing is like a maze walk, as you oscillate between past and present, thoughts and reality – how did you develop this style?

I always find myself delving in introspection and retrospection. I feel that your future depends on what choices you make. Every choice you make leads to further choices and these choices define the quality of your life. KRS ONE, a Hip Hopper and philosopher – spoke about a visualization method – what advise the 5 – 10 years elder you would give the now, you. And then make your choice accordingly.

Let us know about your future projects and also the social message of your films?

I am currently working on a multi-national film about an Indian orphan girl – a poignant story of the unfolding of her life. While in Mumbai, I’m also making Public Service Films. One of my recent productions, ‘The Lonely Chair’ about old age abandonment has just been completed and is due to do its festival rounds.The social message of my films is subtle, deep and universally applicable. Having met with considerably success with the government as well as common public in Europe, I am keen that the profound social message also reaches the people in various parts of India. Apart from social importance, my films are culturally relevant, now more than ever.

Abhitash SinghMarch 13, 2019


“Music (singing) & Spirituality gives me inspiration to live life to the fullest”

Vinod Trivedi, Chairman of Progressive Group, is a well-known name among the builder fraternity in the city. Their projects are one of the best in Navi Mumbai. He also encourages and inspires others in the city through his singing and multi-talents. He was interested in singing during his school days but didn’t get a chance to prove his mettle because the family members wanted him to pursue the family business.  But the love for singing and presenting it to the audience was the aim and goal which turned into reality at the age of 59. He started getting trained from his Guruji Dr. Vikram Parlikar and devoted himself fully to it and now singing has become a part and parcel of life.  Vinod Ji has served as a president of Builder Association of Navi Mumbai (BANM). He is a hard-core social worker and works in many social and religious organizations as a President or Trustee. His wife Indu Trivedi has supported him in all his endeavors and because of her he has achieved a lot in his life. Progressive Group business carried out jointly with himself and his two highly capable sons Devang Trivedi and Jigar Trivedi. Both sons and family encourages Vinod Ji in music and social work. He feels they are blessed family and happiest of the lot. In a candid conversation with Newsband Sr.Correspondent Abhitash D. Singh, Vinod Trivedi shares in length about his journey.


Let us know how your singing career started and how’s the journey till now?

I was having singing talent since my young days but could not pursue music further because the financial condition of the family was so-so. I was born Pre-Independence in 1946. During that time the country was not so prosperous which we can see now. During that time population point of view there were around 8-10 sisters and brothers in each families. Today the case is “Hum Do Hamare Do” and now it is “Hum Do Hamare Ek” also in some case. In today’s generation one try to find the talent in their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters at very early age and if they are good in particular skills they are trained in it so there is lots of scope for today’s generation. But in our time we were told to study and then get good job and business and support the family. So at that time there was no room for our talents and hobbies. Since I was having a good voice and also a social worker and holding senior position at many trust and organization I use to get opportunity to sing at various programs. I thought that if I am getting the opportunity and God is helping me then I should sing in a systematic and right way, therefore I started taking training in singing from Dr.Vikram Parlikar at the age of 58-59 and got trained from him for 11 years in light music because at this age getting trained in classical music was difficult. After getting trained my albums came out. My first album was “Bhakti ki Ganga” and 2nd one was “Mere Ghar Aaaye Ganpati” and my latest album which came out is “Hare Krishna- Journey of Iskcon”. My first two albums were also telecasted on Sanskar Channel. It is an achievement for me that my Bhajans got telecasted on international channel. I also initiated a video CD of my Bhanjans and also did shooting of it in temples at various places like Pune, Mumbai and also got opportunity to shoot in Siddhivinayak Temple. Today also one of my Bhajan “Main Sharan Tumhari Aaya Hu” is played at Siddhivinayak Temple occasionally. I have presented 150 Live Shows in which I have sung Filmy songs, Ghazals and Bhajans, but mostly I do bhakti songs. I do 1/3rd of filmy songs and 2/3rd of Bhajans programs.

Who motivated you or are you your own inspiration?

My nature is that whatever I do, I does it with heart be it business, writing, social work. I am true to that particular thing it is not that I do it for proving to others. After entering into singing field and by the blessings of Saraswati Mata and Guruji’s good training I worked really hard and the best part is that I kept on getting the opportunities. I was crazy and it’s my belief that if you are not mad in any profession than you will not go that extra miles to achieve that particular goal or aim.

You started your journey late so don’t you regret it, because if you would have started at early age you would have reached some different level, Comment?

My co-singer and artist always say me that if I would have started 15 years back than I would be really at different level. But whatever I am now I am content and happy. Starting late at the age of 59 and reaching at this level in just 13 years’ time is also an achievement for me. The big achievement under my belt is doing 54 episodes of “Geet ki Bat Vinod Trivedi ke Sath” on FM Vividh Bharti as an Anchor and Singer.I was very lucky to get approved as anchor and singer for Geet ki Bat radio show, as their selection criteria are very tough. I will say one should be happy in whatever he has, why to cry on the things which we don’t have with us.

Nowadays there are many platforms for the youngsters today in singing which were not at your time, how important these opportunities are for them, Comment?

Due to improvement and prosperity in the country nowadays younger boys and girls are getting lots of opportunities to prove themselves. Also parents are encouraging their child which was not the case during our time.  And nowadays Karaoke is in demand so already the orchestra is ready for the singers and they don’t have to go anywhere. Nowadays there is a singer in every home. Earlier there were thousand singers but now there are lakh of singers so the competition has grown. So in competitions time you need lots of hard work. One more thing is that today’s young generation singers are not taking proper and systematic training, I am not saying these for all but there are many who get training through Karaoke. The real training is when you sit with Harmonium and Tabla and also your Guruji sit along with you and there you are trained and learns music systematically. Karaoke is a fast food, the way fast food is not good for health same way Karaoke is just for hobby. But if one want to make career in singing than he or she need to take proper training in it. But in today’s generation there is lack of patience for learning basic music.

What will be your message to today’s youngsters who are inspiring singer or in any art?

God have created everyone with some unique talent. So first of all one should find out what special talent they have. And then accordingly need to find out whether I am good singer, writer, musician, artist, actor, director, recordist or actor.  There is no ending of art. One should do a fundamental hard work and should take a proper training. One should go deep and work hard and not just for showing to others. Any art form needs training. Whatever you do you should have good talent in it, good mentor, and hard work and struggle to achieve it. One must love and get fully involved in training of any form of art.

Which all singers’ songs do you sing in your program?

I sing songs of K L Saigal, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar and many others. I sing in my own voice buy try my level best to bring them alive through my songs. Luckily lyrics of about 100 Bhajans and Filmy songs are in memory, so easy to feel and sing songs.

Do you go through riyaz for singing?

Yes, I do riyaz practically every day for an hour. And that is the reason I am able to sing nicely at the age of 73. My co-singers and another people who meet me think that I am not 73 but much younger. According to me singing is a complete yoga. In singing you can practice yoga, pranayam, meditation, puja and stress buster. Music is a therapy. It keeps one away from many diseases and improves the life and keeps you young in spirit. I also write articles in magazines.

Give encouraging message for the Navi Mumbaikar’s?

My message for the Navi Mumbaikars will be that everyone should develop one hobby if possible because person with hobby will never feel lonely. Hobby serves as aims and objective in living life.

Abhitash SinghMarch 6, 2019


“I am first member of Naik Family in Darave Gaon to enter politics”

Ranjeet Naik in a very short span of time augmented to the post of Mahamantri of BJP Yuva Morcha, Navi Mumbai, from just being a young worker. It was possible because of his loyalty, dedication and determination to the party. He is not so qualified in education but his thoughts for doing something constructive for the youth of Navi Mumbai pulled him into politics. In a candid conversation with Newsband Correspondent Abhitash D. Singh, Ranjeet Naik talks in detail about how and why he entered the politics and also about how excited he is to meet the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at his Varsha Bungalow.


Tell us whether you were interested in politics since your young days or someone motivated later to enter into politics?

Frankly speaking I was never inclined to enter into politics. No one in my family members were in politics, I am the first in the family to enter politics. I am not so highly educated; I have just studied till 10thStandard. I have also worked as a milk vendor during my school days and then later I started my own Real Estate business and now I am also a developer. Sunil Patil who is corporator from Seawoods Darave BJP Party has been very much instrumental in bringing me into politics. I use to be with him and attend all the meetings and also do correspondence as a party worker when he was in Congress Party. I within eight months learned all the essential things needed to be a politician and social worker. Also Manda Mhatre who considers me like her son motivated me to join BJP Party as a party worker and later seeing my work she promoted me to the post of BJP Yuva Morcha, Mahamantri, Navi Mumbai. During MLA election I helped Manda Tai to take her to the Ganpati Mandal in my area in Seawoods Darave and introduced her to the people of my area and also campaigned for her. I worked as a Party worker during the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) election in the year 2015, but I did not contested for the Corporator post because I was just new in the politics and BJP party and there were seniors who were in fray. I and other workers from BJP campaigned for Sunil Patil and for the first time BJP got the first seat from Seawoods Darave and Sunil Patil elected as a Corporator.

When did you enter politics and what’s your aim if people elect you as a Corporator in future?

I entered politics in the year 2014 during the Loksabha Election when there was a Narendra Modi wave. My first choice was BJP Party because I like the ideology of the party. My role model in politics is Manda Mhatre. I was initially given the post of Nerul East Ward President than promoted to Vice President of Navi Mumbai BJP Yuva Morcha and finally I have been given the post of Mahamantri of BJP Yuva Morcha, Navi Mumbai. My main motto and aim if I get elected as a Corporator in future is to work for the benefits of the youth. I entered politics to fight for the youth rights. Nowadays even after higher education or graduation students are not getting the job and employments so I will try my level best to help them with job. Recently I helped 55 students to get the job and now there are more than 250 Bio-Data of the students from Seawoods Darave to whom I will be supporting and helping in getting the job. I am also planning to build a 50-60 bed hospital in Darave Village because as of now there is no hospital for the family of Darave Village. One of my plans is to build a relaxation home for the senior citizens of my area.

Let us know about the social work which you have done in your area, and also the initiatives which you are planning for future?

I initiated Aadhar Card Camp, Health Camp during my birthday in my area. Also I am the first to organize the health camp in my area after 15 years and it was also first of its kind where maximum numbers of people from my area took the benefit of it. The health check-up camp which I organized had all the modern technology machines for the body test and they also advised everyone who were attending the health camp about the importance of healthy living. I also keep on organizing haldi kunku, cricket matches, medical camp, dahi handi and also awards, Dance and Singing Competition in my area. I am planning an initiative where I will be helping the people in your area with the last rites items because sometime it becomes difficult for the people to get it because of financial crunches. The other plan is to come up with the ambulance facilities for the benefits of the people residing in Seawoods Darave.

We have heard that you give opportunities to the poor people to hoist flag in your area instead of getting it hoisted by any leader?

Yes, it is true. Poor people should also get an opportunity to hoist the flag. Last Independence Day and this year Republic day I gave the opportunity to the NMMC sweepers to hoist the Indian flag.

Is it true that you got offer from other parties to join them?

It is true, I am getting a call and offer to join Shiv-Sena, NCP, MNS but I am loyal to BJP party.

Let us known about your favourite food joint in Seawoods Darave?

I prefer going to the food joint of a Maga Prajapati who is very famous in our area for his Bhajiya. I have my morning breakfast of Bhajia at his stall.

Tell us about your meeting with Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis?

I am very excited to meet the Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis at Varsha Bungalow because I will be meeting him for the first time at his official residence. I am lucky that I got an appointment and opportunity to meet him to discuss about the future of politics and how youth can devote their time in politics.

Abhitash SinghFebruary 13, 2019


“I still miss the Rahagiri Day in Navi Mumbai every Sunday”

Vijay Patil, who is heading Highway Police of Maharashtra State as a Superintendent of Police (HQ) Mumbai says that I still miss my days in Navi Mumbai as a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) from the year 2010 to 2014. Patil has been credited for starting the “Rahagiri Day” initiative in Navi Mumbai. He still feels like being the part of “Rahagiri Day” if he happens to be in the city again. Excerpt from talk between Newsband Sr.Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh and Superintendent of Police Highway (HQ), Mumbai Vijay Patil.

Could you tell us about your childhood?

I was born in Mumbai (Matunga) in 1964 and also bought up here. I completed my (Physics) from Ruparel College (Matunga) in the year 1985.After completing my basic studies I started preparing for my competitive exams to fulfil my dreams of becoming a police officer.

Did you chosen police job as your first Job, and also give us the details about your career till date?

No, before joining police force I was working as an Inspector in sales tax department at government office and I have worked there for 5 years later in the year 1996, I joined as a Deputy Superitendent of Police at Nashik Academy. I have also served at Akola, Amravati Rural Achalpur sub-division then transferred to Mumbai protection department and later promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Enforcement, Kurla Division), served at Ratnagiri lanja division as a Deputy Superitendent of Police and then promoted to Superitendent of Police (State CID Crime) and in the year 2010 as a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Navi Mumbai which was a newly created post at that time. In the year 2014 I was transferred from Navi Mumbai to Nashik as a Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police and in May 2017, I was been given the responsibility of SP of Highway Police in Mumbai. 

Tell us what was the best part of your duty in Navi Mumbai?

The best part in Navi Mumbai for me was spearheading the “Rahagiri Day” when it was launched in March 2014. Even though I was there for very less period I enjoyed it. After the transfer to Nashik, I used to miss my “Rahagiri Days” every Sunday in Navi Mumbai. Even now if I get the opportunity to be a part of such type of initiative in Navi Mumbai when I happens to be in the city then I will grab it with both hands.

What made you want to be a police officer in the first place?

I have always dreamt of serving the nation by becoming a police officer and for the same I have worked very hard and there was nothing fancy about it.

How did you become interested in law enforcement, were there any other family members in law enforcement?

No, there were no family members in law enforcement I was the first in the family to become a police officer, but my friends were into law enforcement and I got encouragement from them.

Is there a lot of overtime and are you paid for it?

Constables are paid overtime breakfast allowance if they work for more than 12 hours, but the officers are not paid for it and they have to work for 14 hours.

What do you like best or worst of your job?   

The best part of police job is access everywhere and also how much you are interested and devoted to your job. According to me there is no worst part of my job because I look only good side of my profession. Let others look at the bad side of profession.

How do you deal with the stress of being a police officer?

As a police officer we have a lot of stress and the best way to deal with stress is to give time to your hobbies, enjoy meeting more people so that your public relations improves and you will also get a good knowledge, talk on different issues which are not related to your job and also exercise during working hours.

From where do you find the courage to deal with some of the situation you have to deal with?

There are end numbers of situation and end numbers of solution for it. Maintaining law and order in every situation is very important and therefore the courage comes from within to deal with any situation without any hesitation.

What your daily schedule is like, are there dangerous/exciting situation every day?

Yes there are dangerous and exciting situation in our job every day and the dangerous situation come sudden for us for example,26/11 but to tackle the situation we use common sense and we are also trained to tackle this type of situation and many police officers lost their lives during the fight and we are proud to face the dangerous situation.

Do you have any idea to lower drunken driving related death?

Specific enforcement and education is very important to lower drunken driving related death, drunken driver should be strictly punished that he should have a fear in the mind of drunk driving and in future he will drive without drinking, they should also be educated about safe driving.

How do you separate work from your personal life?

During work I enjoy and appreciate my work but if the same things if I apply in my personal life then it will not work. I enjoy my personal life with my family with great joy because if you go home and discuss your work at home with wife even she will not be interested in listening to it.

What is the most interesting part of your duty?

According to me some people purposely do the mistake and the people keep the trust on administration that they will do something, but they keep mum. Stern action should be taken against those who misconduct people and damage the public property. The interesting part of our duty is through investigation and detection of the case and if the case is solved we are the happy person on the planet.

Which hobbies are you interested in?

I like reading any good literature books and listening to light music songs.

Let me know about the sport which enthrals you?

I have general interest in sports. I enjoy cricket but there is no specific interest.

Which food do you enjoy?

I like everything in food, but I prefer simple Indian food.

 If I go to any of my friend home to meet them, the way I talk to them they say to their parents that I am not a police officer because of my simplicity.
Specific enforcement and education is very important to lower drunken driving related death.
As a police officer we have a lot of stress and the best way to deal with stress is to give time to your hobbies, enjoy meeting more people.
There were no family members in law enforcement I was the first in the family to become a police officer.
The best part in Navi Mumbai for me was spearheading the “Rahagiri Day” when it was launched in March 2014.

Abhitash SinghFebruary 1, 2019


“We should encourage our youngsters”

The superstar of Marathi Cinema Sachin Pilgaonkar, who is not only the famous name in Marathi speaking household but also in Hindi speaking belt because of his many successful Hindi films in his young days says that the youngsters are the future of the country and they should be encouraged in order to take our nation on the world map. The actor was attending the five days festival titled “Euphoria 2019” as a chief guest and also to promote his upcoming Marathi film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui”. From his busy schedule while attending “Euforia 2019” he took little time to read the Navi Mumbai most readable English Newspaper “Newsband” and also interacted with the newspaper Senior Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh and talked about his journey and love for films.


Tell us about your reaction seeing your news that you will be attending the Pillai’s College much talked cultural fest “Euforia 2019” in Newsband?

I felt very happy and also excited. I thank Newsband the Navi Mumbai’s dynamic daily newspaper for covering Navi Mumbai’s city all news with courage and also making people aware about the happenings in the city. I am also overwhelmed seeing the news and liked coming to the city and attending “Euforia 2019” because it gave me same josh and energy like my young days. The students and audiences of the college also loved and liked my cast of upcoming Marathi film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” which will be releasing most probably on 1st March, 2019 in theatres across Maharashtra.

What is the movie “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” all about and how it is different from other romantic movies?

What does the name of the movie suggest (Laughs)…Ashiqui right, so the movie is all about romance but it is different than other romantic movie, If you would like to know more about the story than you will need to go to the theatres to watch the movie.

Your performance in Marathi film “Sohala” is one of your best performances, Comment on it?

Gajendra Ahire is one of the best directors and he gets best performances from his actor. I will say that I was lucky to be a part of such a wonderful film with good content and concept. My performance in the movie was of different level and the film also revolves around my character and my family. I would love to do such type of films in future too. The movie concept was so good that for the first time Hindi film producer K.C Bokadia came on the board to produce the Marathi film.

As you came to be a part of “Euphoria 2019” at Pillai’s Institute premises and promote your film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” tell us how you felt?

I liked the way I was welcomed inside the college premises with Dhol-Tasha and the way students were excited to have of glimpse of mine. I can say that the treatment to me was like a superstar. I will cherish this moment forever in my life. I enjoyed shaking the leg along with my upcoming movie cast on the stage and also the video clipping of my journey in the film industry shown to the students and the staff of Pillai’s group of Institutions was a really a great and special treatment for me.

What will be your message to the youngsters of Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai is developing like anything and it has become the educational and central hub after Pune. I would just like to say to the youngsters of Navi Mumbai that apart from studies also excel in the field which you think you can make a mark and also make your parents and country proud.

Abhitash SinghJanuary 30, 2019


“Our aim is BJP in NMMC in 2020”

With a humble beginning in life to reach at a level of District President of BJP Yuva Morcha in Navi Mumbai was not an easy cakewalk. He went through many ups and downs and also went to jail but it didn’t deter his motivation to do something for the society as a politician. Datta Ghangale who is just 30 now entered into active politics when he was in 12th Standard. In a tete-e-tete with Newsband Senior Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh, Datta Ghangale talks in length about his journey and also future plans.


Put some light on your political journey and its beginning?

Since my young days I was very stubborn and wanted to get the things which I wished to have. In my early days I used to work in milk agency at just a meager income of Rs 300 per month which was not sufficient for me and my family so I learnt about the trade and started my own milk agency of Mahananda. When I was in Modern College in the year 2002 I was been given the responsibility of Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena of Navi Mumbai and later I was promoted to the Gat Pramukh, UP Sakha Pramukh and Sakha Pramukh. When on 9th March 2006, Raj Thackeray inaugurated his new party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS) I too joined the party because he only given me the responsibility of BVS when he was in Shiv Sena. I thought that I will achieve great heights under the leadership of my mentor Raj Thackeray. I also contested for the election on the ticket of MNS from my ward then and came on the 2nd position against strong candidates which was a great achievement for me. But in 2013 when I was the Vice President of MNS I was wrongfully arrested on the charge of murder and it was a politically motivated incident. No one from the MNS party helped me to get out from this tough situation and before the Loksabha Election when BJP was not into power in both centre as well as Vidhan Sabha I entered BJP party along with my supporters. And since then I along with my supporters are working very hard for our party. Our aim and motive is to bring the BJP into power in NMMC 2020 municipal election.

You contested in NMMC election as a corporator twice, once in 2010 on MNS ticket and in 2015 on BJP ticket but failed in winning it, Comment?

Even though I haven’t won the election on both MNS and BJP tickets but I have won the hearts of the people of my ward as well as my seniors in the party who trust me. I stood 2nd when I contested on MNS ticket but latter in 2013, I was falsely arrested in the case of murder of Mathadi union leader the day after I was appointed as a MNS Navi Mumbai Vice President and  the whole scenario was a politically motivated. After this when I joined BJP because I didn’t get any support from my own party that is MNS then people of my ward thought that I am a person with criminal record and history. Unfortunately when I contested on BJP ticket in 2015 the ward distribution changed and I came on 2nd position fighting with a very senior and seasoned politician. My seniors and our MLA Manda Mhatre supported me and motivated me further. Also the High Court cleared me from all the criminal charges on me in 2017 so now I am free from any criminal charges and the reason I am focused and forgotten about the past and now me along with my supporters on the advice of our senior BJP authorities will be canvassing for the upcoming Lok Sabha election and will try our level best to bring the party back into power in center.

After the Narendra Modi digitalization boom you too succeeded in making more than 5000 youth of Navi Mumbai to upload Bhim App, Comment on it?

Yes Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of our country encouraged digitalization and he promoted the Bhim App where those who use to do transaction through the App would be awarded a decent amount and many people from the country took advantages of it. We too promoted it in Navi Mumbai and went to each and every college to make the youngsters aware about the importance of Bhim App. We organized many awareness camps around the city and succeeded in getting more than 5000 youth of Navi Mumbai to download the Bhim App and be the part of Prime Minister Digitalization goal.

As you are the representative of youth so what are the challenges ahead for the youth of Navi Mumbai?

Earlier Pune was known as the educational hub of the country, but now even Navi Mumbai is the educational hub of the country. Each and every intellectual and political person have their own educational institute in the city and the people from far and other states too are coming to get the education in this city. The youth of Navi Mumbai are very educated and intellectual the only challenges in front of them is that they are not getting the motivation and support from the civic body which is the need of the hour.  I as a President of BJP Yuva Morcha always try my level best to get the NMMC attention regarding the problems of youth in the city. There is no competition and world level swimming pool in the city so where the youth from Navi Mumbai will get chance to represent the city in various sports, I have proposed and also raised this question several time with the NMMC authorities.

What are your future plans as a BJP Yuva Morcha president?

I have lots of responsibility on my shoulder as a BJP Yuva Morcha President. My seniors and Manda Mhatre have always supported me and they will keep on supporting me in my endeavours. As of now the Lok Sabha election is nearby and I am focusing more on it along with my supporters and also trying to make people aware about the importance of voting. Also in 2020 there will be NMMC elections so I am also working hard to make people aware about the work done by the BJP in a very short span of time for the benefits of Navi Mumbaikar. We also exposing the wrong doings of the NMMC officers like charging Rs 3000 from small traders by threatening them that they have encroached and on the name of Ex NMMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe they take fines. We always oppose the racket of NMMC officers who wrongfully harass the small traders and also the vendors. On the name of E-Toilet in Navi Mumbai and to get Navi Mumbai as no.1 in Swachhta Abhiyan they are also trying to cheat the people. Most of the E-Toilet in Navi Mumbai is not clean and the contractors who were appointed for it just took care of it for one month and later they disappeared. So there are many problems of the citizen of the city which need to be heard of and I as a responsible and a youth leader representing one of the biggest party have to get the answer for it. My plans also include making all the people of my ward and also Navi Mumbai aware about the schemes, yojna and also many entrepreneurial projects announced by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. We are also working hard towards the Narendra Modi dream of In

Abhitash SinghJanuary 28, 2019


“I like the city Navi Mumbai and enjoy performing here whenever I get chance”

Kavita Seth, who started as a singer at a very young age says that singing is a gift from god for her. Her aim is to take the Sufi music to the common man and make it famous. She want to simplify the difficult Persian or Urdu poetry on which Sufi songs are based on so that it will be easy for the general public to understand and relate with it. ‘Iktara’ song from movie “Wake Up Sid” proved to be a milestone for the singer. She had given voice in many Bollywood films. She keeps on trying different genre but not at all interested in vulgar songs which has been a trend now. In a telephonic interaction with Newsband she talks about experimenting with new music.


Share with us about your experience while singing ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’?

It was totally a different experience altogether. It was difficult and
challenging task for me to try out a different genre. Initially I was
a bit unsure whether I should go ahead with this song but then it
turned out to be a mind-blowing experience.

Inform us about your favourite singer?

My favourite singer is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Tell us about your favourite pastime?

I eat, sleep and drink music.Singing and listening to music is my favourite pastime

What do you like most in Navi Mumbai?

I am in love with city. The cleanliness and also the way it is planned is really something the people of the city will feel proud of. Whenever I get chance to perform in Navi Mumbai, I feel very excited.

Since you reside in Vile Parle which restaurant is your favourite?

I always choose J W Marriott IN Juhu and it’s always my first preference.

Where do you go for outings in the suburbs?

Every Sunday morning I go to ISKON Temple in Juhu.

Abhitash SinghJanuary 8, 2019


“I initiated the Navi Mumbai development plan in just one year”

Navi Mumbai is a city which is setting an example for the other cities in the country. All is possible because of the vision of Dr. Ramaswami N. the civic chief of the city who took charge as a Navi Mumbai Commissioner on 30th March 2017. He is a 2004 batch IAS officer and the successor of Navi Mumbai former Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe. He is masters in Veterinary Science and in the past he has worked as Chief Executive Officer of Jalgaon, Collector of Buldhana and Satara and Assistant Collector of Ratnagiri district. In a very short span of time his work speaks louder than his words. From the day he took charge as a civic body Commissioner he added many feathers in his hat. In a tete-e-tete with Newsband’s Senior Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh, Dr. Ramaswami N. speaks about his plans, vision and also his goal of improving health, education and technology in the city.


Talk us through your vision and plans for the development of Navi Mumbai.

Being a developed city, planned city we have lots of expectations and even people have lots of expectations. Our mission is sustainable and clean city. Navi Mumbai is already a smart city. There are many things which are needed. There are two kinds of things one is maintenance of existing infrastructure and giving good services and the other is creating quality infrastructure so these are the two main areas we are concentrating on, so in that there are many issues like city mobility plan that I have prepared considering that in future the traffic congestion.  We have already started implementing the city mobility plan and many are into the pipeline. And apart from that our city was not even having the development plan and we were using the CIDCO development plan and now that is in the final stage. And also science centre will be coming up and it was sanctioned recently. CCTV coverage to be increased because existing CCTV is not enough we were having only 300 CCTV camera’s and now I have proposed additional 1200.

We are also coming up with many gardens with various themes. We are coming up with the first garden of its kind for the disabled people in Sanpada. And we have special programs for schools. This year I have implemented smart classrooms in all the 600 municipal classrooms. Again in health also we started CPS course. We also started PG course in our hospitals so that were will be good around 100 doctors in our hospital. Already we have 45 resident doctors and now we will be adding 50 plus more doctors in coming August. Means around 100 plus residents doctors in hospital and now we have recruited people also among other cadres and I will be issuing orders next week. I want to strengthen health, education and other basic infrastructure.

There are comparison between you and your predecessor Tukaram Mundhe on the basis of your working styles. Throw some light on this.

Everyone will have their own style and mode of getting the work done. I don’t want and also don’t like to be compared with anyone.

People in the vicinity have been demanding the Turbhe store FOB and a railway crossing gate at Juinagar. Till when can they expect this infrastructure in place?

In fact both have been sanctioned. Not only FOB in fact we have cancelled the foot over bridge of Turbhe and we have sanctioned rather flyover and that is already under tender process. Again in Juinagar we have sanctioned Railway over Bridge (ROB) at a cost of Rs.68 crores and it is also in tender process. Both will have bridge rather than foot over bridge which will be friendlier for the citizens.

You were in talks with the industry minister with regards to the MIDC land and have also approached the government to consider the civic body proposal to provide housing, while CIDCO can take a call on the same. What is the current status of that?

No final call has been taken on this issue. In fact I have written to them that either you redevelop it or you hand it over to NMMC so that we can make Navi Mumbai a slum free city. Because almost 19 percent of the Navi Mumbai population is in slum and mostly in MIDC area so I think department will take a call on it. Even I will keep pursuing the case with the MIDC CEO in the coming days.

While you were personally undertaking inspection in every place, from Digha village to Diwale, what is the current status of that?

Our entire team is working very hard on the “Swachhta Abhiyan” and it is not only for the ranking but we want to change culture of the city. If everyone is contributing then the city will remain clean. If you are not littering on the road than there is no need for sweeping every time. We have also established systems for monitoring all the activities. I have a WhatsApp group where I get around 300-400 pictures daily. Now we have come up with next concept of not only biometric attendance but we have come with the smart watches. All the 8700 people working with the NMMC will be given the watch especially to those who are working on the field. All the sweepers, gardeners and other  employees will be monitored because it will be a GPS empowered because they have to work whole time and they will be monitored properly. It’s not only for monitoring the attendance but also to increase the productivity among employees. Already 50 watches have come and we already started implementing it and very soon all the watches will arrive. The overall budget for this watch for five years is Rs. 12 crore, but even if we save 50 absentees per year we will be able to recover that amount, it’s not only for that we want to give quality services to the citizens. We have also implemented the minimum wages act. We are paying decent amount of salary. We are giving Rs 21,000 monthly minimum salary for any employee.

The Navi Mumbai development plan has not been ready for the last 25 years. You are working on it. Comment.

It is ready now and it will be going in February’s month general body meeting for the notification and discussion. We were able to prepare the development plan in just one year period. All the other municipal corporation development plan was developed in period of two to three years.

BASF collaborated with NMMC on a water and sanitation project in Navi Mumbai in August last year. How has this collaboration benefited Navi Mumbaikars?

It was really good in fact we got new technology and drinking water for slums. The initiative is happening very well and the people are getting quality drinking water. And BASF as a company they are able to contribute to the CSR and new technology has to be explored for the development of any city. It is really a fruitful and good collaboration.

The NMMC e-toilets have been vandalized by the miscreants. Do you think posting a security guard outside the facility is enough or is there any other solutions that the civic body can come up with?

We have changed the pattern for maintenance now. This week only we will be receiving orders for the new contract. And as per the new contract it is all inclusive including the maintenance of the property, and also all the materials like exhaust fan and other utilities. It is a comprehensive tender. Earlier we use to pay Rs.250 per toilet per annum only to clean. Now we changed the pattern and now it is inclusive everything including mechanical cleaning and that too will be monitored through GPS mapping. They will be using their own vehicles and going to different toilets at different time. Standing already has passed and proposals and we will be waiting for the tenders. And we have also proposed for beautification outside the toilets. So our toilets facilities are best in comparison with other city. Also with the advertisements rights the company will have to take care and maintain. But even then there are few cases of vandalism because it is India and it happens here but slowly the things are changing for the better.

By when will all the municipal schools of Navi Mumbai be digitalised? And what step is civic body taking to ensure that the school uniforms are provided on time?

It has been already done and we are using also. In fact we have gone ahead and also started video conferencing facility and with common platforms you can address our schools directly through video. We have made all school Wi-Fi enabled and all our smart boards are interactive and we have made all the contents available. And in fact I have started English newspaper for 8th, 9th and 10thStandards and they are given newspapers every day. We have also set-up a computer lab. It is because I am very fond of educational things. We have also started two CBSE board schools in Koperkhairane and Nerul respectively. And till 31st January, 2019 we have received more than 1900 applications for the admissions. We are getting overwhelming demands from the parents and the schools are doing very good. And we are the first civic body to initiate it.

The municipal schools students don’t get the uniforms on time, Comment.

It was because of the policy issues. Last year deputy was there and again we were told to go for purchase. Now this year we have given the work order and now it will be supplied.


  • My work should speak more than my words.
  • NMMC is the first civic body which have made all the municipal schools Wifi enabled, smart boards interactive and with video conferencing facilities.
  • Our entire team is working round the clock for “Swacchta Abhiyan” not just for the ranking but we want to change the culture of the city.
  • We were able to prepare the Development Plan in just one year time.
  • I have created a WhatsApp group where I get 300-400 pictures.
  • We are giving Rs.21, 000 monthly incomes to all the employees of NMMC.
  • All the 8700 people working with the NMMC will be given watches.

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