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Ashok DhamijaJune 18, 2019


Father’s whole heatedly participate in one of the fun filled activities in presence of their children.

Navi Mumbai: The pre-primary and primary section of Ryan Christian School – Vashi celebrated Father’s Day with great enthusiasm and zeal, on 15th June 2019. The program started with short prayers followed by devotional and welcome songs, performed by the primary students. The tiny tots performed to a popular Bollywood song “Papa Kahate Hain…’ highlighting the bond between the two. On the occasion the fathers too enthusiastically took part in various competitions. They showcased their fleet footedness and charming moves during fun filled games like ‘Musical chairs’, ‘Balloon blowing’ competition, ‘Know your child’ etc.. Expressing their feelings on the occasion, the participating Fathers appreciated the efforts of school authorities for this unique idea of involving them in such celebrations. They said such type of events help understand their wards better and also help them to nurture the relationship with their young ones.

Edwin Fernando, Head Mistress of the institute while addressing the sporting gathering said, ”A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail, In a nutshell the heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. In order to promote the special relation between the father and his child we organized ‘Father’s Day’ celebrations at our school premises. The tiny-tots were excited and thrilled as they accompanied their fathers to the school, a rare phenomenon and latter pompously introduced them to their friends.  A special set up of games was also organized for father –child duo to perform. The Fathers enthusiastically took part in competition and made the day a memorable one for their children”


Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


Budget of Rs. 2 crore alloted for herbal and botanical garden in 2019-20

On one hand the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) failed to utilize even a single penny of budget allocation of Rs. 50 lakh in 2018-19 for the mangrove plantation and conservation and Rs.2 crores for herbal and botanical gardens which was allocated by the Tree Authority Committee. Again, this financial year that is 2019-20, the budget allocation for mangrove plantation and conservation and also herbal and botanical gardens has remain unchanged.

Even in 2017-18 the funds allotted under the heads of mangrove plantation and conservation was Rs. 50 lakh and for herbal and botanical gardens Rs. 3 crores were set aside. From last three financial period that is 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 the budget has been untouched. Many environmentalists and activists from the city have raised queries as to why civic body is failing to utilize the budget allocated for such genuine work in the city.

In 2017-18, during the budget speech, the then NMMC Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe told that the civic body has planned a mangrove park in the city and it was to be developed for eco-tourism in association with the Forest Department. But even in that year the civic body failed to utilize a single rupee for both mangrove plantation and conservation and herbal and botanical garden in spite of the budget allocations by one of the richest municipal corporation.

Dr. Jayaji Nath, NCP Corporator and Social Worker from Belapur, said, “It is really a serious issue. I don’t understand why the civic body is not able to use the budget allocated for such a good and environment purpose. The amount allocations for both mangrove plantation and conservation as well as herbal and botanical garden is happening since last 3-4 years but it is sad that the administration are failing in utilising it. Even in 2019-20 budget, NMMC Commissioner Dr. Ramaswami N. has set the same budget that is Rs. 50 Lakh for mangrove plantation and conservation and Rs. 2 crores for herbal and botanical garden. We are hopeful that this time the funds will be utilised for good.”

Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


One succeeded in even creating a world record

The satellite city witnessed a record breaking event on Saturday, 25th May, 2019 at DJ Farmhouse (Dhyan Kendra) in Airoli where at least 10 students under the guidance of Bibhuti Nayak (Bruce Lee of Navi Mumbai) set a national record and one of them also created a world record.

The students who were participants in the record breaking events were cheered by their parents and the teammates. The Best of India Records and Limca Book of records officials were present to monitor the records of the students.

The students who succeeded in the various categories were Aditi Sanap achieved a target of 246 most double-leg skips in one minute (female) and created a national records by breaking the previous 241 counts which was needed to qualify, Janhavi Sanap attempted most deep squats in one minute (female) and she broke the early count of 57 and achieved 73 as a final target, Vinit Patil participated in most jumping jacks in one minute and broke the earlier counts of 109 and achieved and set a new final target of 112 counts, Adarsh Pal achieved a final target of 166 breaking the previous counts of minimum 120 plus in most astride jumps in one minute, Shravani Yogesh Bhuran set the new national record by achieving a target of 90 by breaking earlier 72 counts but he remain just 22 counts behind to record the world record which is 111 counts. Dipti Pant participated in most single arm rotations in one minute (female) where the minimum target to qualify was 90 as per universal standards and BIR Rules and Guidelines but she succeeded in achieving 144 target counts, Kabir Pant achieved a 183 target breaking the earlier count of 143 which was needed for qualifying in most single hand rotations in one minute, Bhumika Pant achieved a final target of 110 in most jumping jacks in one minute which was open because no previous records were available, Kartik S Choudhary achieved 162 numbers in most alternate squat thrusts in one minute breaking the earlier national record of 72 counts but missed with few numbers in breaking the world record which is 201 numbers and finally Harshith Sivaganesan created a world record by doing 93 numbers of most side bends in one minute because the earlier record was of 91 numbers.

It was very emotional scene at the event because few students after achieving the target were seen crying and that was the happiness tears which passed through their eyes. Few students also touch the feet of their mentor Bibhuti Nayak who has been training them since last many days to make them achieve a feat.


Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


Dr. Jayaji Nath asks the civic body to initiate shifting of mangroves from holding ponds

NCP Corporator from Belapur, senior leader and social worker Dr. Jayaji Nath on Friday raised an issue of shifting the mangroves from holding ponds in Belapur Sector-4 at Standing Committee Meet. He asked the NMMC administration and standing committee chairman to take the issue seriously.

Raising the issue he said that from last so many years the citizens of CBD-Belapur have been facing lots of problems due to the mangroves in the holding ponds. “Several times I asked the civic body to shift the mangroves without harming them, but I keep getting the same reply that the matter is in the court,” he added.

Due to mangroves in the holding ponds most of the homes in Belapur area get flooded. On July 26, 2005, when it rained most heavily, the situation was very dangerous. Even then the NMMC didn’t open its eyes. Even now the ground floor faces the same problems but still no action from NMMC.

Speaking with Media, Dr. Jayaji Nath said, “There is a provision that the mangroves can be replanted or shifted somewhere else without harming it. I know that there is Supreme Court direction that the mangroves cannot be harmed for the development but here I am not talking about any development but the safety of the citizens. NMMC is not taking the matter seriously. If they would have been serious than the talk would have been initiated by the civic body to convince the court to shift the mangroves.”

He further added, “I have raised this issue several times in both Standing Committee and General Body meets but it goes into the deaf ears of the civic body administration. I think that the NMMC’s eyes will open when the water will enter inside one of the richest civic body building.”

Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


Out of 30 lakes only 6 are relatively clean

 In a study conducted jointly by SIES College, Nerul and Greenline which is a environmental group, it was found that only 20 percent of lakes in the satellite city were clean and the rest 24 lakes had water which is suitable and also unfit for the human consumption.

The survey which was done for five months says that most of the Navi Mumbai lakes are polluted. The survey was conducted from December 2018 to April 2019. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) are now going through the survey so that in future they can work on the cleanliness of all the ponds.

The freshwater lakes from Digha to Belapur were surveyed and it was done doing field surveys in between this area and it was found that only 20 percent of the lakes were clean while 60 percent were polluted and rest were having a foul stench.  It is found in the survey that at least 36 percent people from the city use lake water for washing the clothes and 19 percent use it for washing the vehicles and another 19 percent use it for bathing. But no industrial chemicals or any other affluents from MIDC and other industrial area were being discharged into any lake.

The NMMC senior officials on the condition of anonymity said, “We know that SIES College, Nerul and Greenline conducted a study of lakes in the city just to prepare Navi Mumbai’s baseline data keeping in mind the future policy decisions.  Even after creating awareness among masses every year, idol immersions increases, solid waste like food packets, wrappers and also the nirmalaya that is flower waste are thrown in the lakes just making the water of the lakes polluted and unfit for drinking. We clean all the lakes of Navi Mumbai in every two or three years and we also divide the lakes into two parts, but only problem which is faced by us is that in the satellite city all lakes have stagnant water and there is no runoff. And due to dilution there is increase in the pollutant load.”

He further added, “We will go through the report and will definitely be considering the recommendations made in it.”

Ashok DhamijaJune 15, 2019


Kharghar: The beautiful morning had a very pleasant and joyous atmosphere as the gates of Ryan International School, Kharghar were flunged wide open to welcome the Fathers and their tiny tots, hand in hand.  It was a day to honour Fathers and celebrate fatherhood, for their undying love, sacrifice & affection.  The teachers warmly welcomed the Fathers and escorted them to the school auditorium.

The celebration began with the Scripture verses and Special Prayer dedicating the Fathers into the hands of the Lord Almighty. The melodious foot tapping prayer songs ignited a sparkle of happiness. The tiny tots then welcomed the dads with loving words of welcome in English, Hindi & Marathi languages followed by the beautiful welcome dance.

Festivity and fun filled competitions with a view to get the patriarch out of their regular hectic schedule soon followed as the special guests s along with their kids danced to the musical tunes spreading happiness all around. A quiz on multiple subjects was an ice breaker and fathers were energetic for some more fun & frolic. Musical Chair showcased their quest to succeed against odds while being respectfully of their opponents. An impromptu round of talent had fathers showcase their singing & instrumental talents. They latter enthusiastically took part in the ramp walk and showcased their charming moves with their tiny tots in tow. The young students shared special messages which acknowledged their fathers’ dedication and endless efforts to nurture their families.

Selfie corner with selfie tags too was setup for the Father – child duo to click pics and take back sweet memories of the day. Dads were surprised with the Father’s Day artwork of the kids in the form of handmade crowns that was presented to them. The Fathers were reminiscent; the activities brought back the memories of their childhood. They were deeply touched by the cheers of their kids and felt elated as they received the prizes. The program ended on a happy note with a vote of thanks and the Fathers posing along with their kids delightfully for a photo shoot as refreshments were served.

“Father’s Day – a day dedicated to dads around the world was celebrated with pomp and frolic with a view to make the dads of our students feel special. It was a moment to let the fathers indulge in some fun time in order to  break their monotony and get them out of their regular hectic schedule so that they leave with beautiful lingering memories. A number of fun filled games and stage performance were organised.  The most emotional moment was when Fathers expressed their feelings and experiences on being ‘Dad’ and holding their ‘bundle of joy’ for the first time. They also appreciated the efforts of the school management for organizing the event. They said that such type of events help them to nurture their relationship with the children,” shared Alice Vaz, Principal of the institute

Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


NMMC got the idea about the project in 2015

If you are a skating enthusiast, then here is something to cheer about the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) which had planned a Skating Park in Nerul at sector 11(A) in the year 2015 and will now be finally initiating it and will try to make it a reality by 2020.

The civic body is in a process to consult skating experts from foreign countries. The skating culture is more dominant internationally and slowly it’s catching up in India.

NMMC Commissioner Dr. Ramaswami N. said, “We all know that now in India the skating is really becoming a known sport. Many youngsters are participating in skating. But we don’t have enough infrastructure for skating. So we have planned to come up with Skating Park in the city. And skating experts from foreign countries can help us and they can only tell us more about their sports or culture more accurately. This sport has western influence and they can be a better guide to help us in constructing a perfect park.”

A senior official from NMMC on the condition of anonymity said, “Apart from taking the help of the foreign skating experts who are best in their respective field, we are also getting suggestions and designs from the local skating group of the city and they too have shown their interest and proposed that they can do the work. We are looking out how can it be worked out.”

The skating park at Nerul will be having two sections that is one for the beginners and the other for the professionals. Apart from the skating facility in the park, it will also be having several other outdoor games facilities constructed in the park which would be spread over 32,000 sq. meter.

Ashok DhamijaJune 15, 2019


Navi Mumbai: The 25th Prathista Vardanthi Mahotsav of Shree Laxmi Venkataramana Temple, Vashi popularly known as Balaji Mandir by the devotees, along with the 22nd   Vardanthi Mahotsav of Parivara Devathas and 18th Vardanthi Mahotsav of Navagraha Devathas got under way from Saturday the 15th June, 2019 with religious fervor and special prayers. Organized by the GSB Sabha Navi Mumbai, the same is being conducted by His Holiness Shrimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji, Matadhipati of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, Varanasi as per Vedic norms in presence of large number of faithful’s from various part of the city and neighboring areas.  Photo feature shows a glimpse of the same with captions detailed below:

Photo Left: His Holiness Shrimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji, Matadhipati of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, Varanasi performing special prayers of Vedavyasa, Lord Narasimha and other deities; Photo Centre: Devotees take blessings of the holy light. Photo Right: Devotees volunteer to segregate the holy Tulsi (Holy basil) leaves as part of preparation for the of Laksha Tulsi archane which will carried out amidst recitation of Shri Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanaamavali (108 names of Lord Vishnu) to be held today Sunday 16th June, 2019. (Photos by Author).

Abhitash SinghJune 15, 2019


Civic chief ask engineers to pull up their socks

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Commissioner Dr. Ramaswami N. has set October end as the deadline for the completion of Vishnudas Bhave Natyagraha work. While inspecting the various work in the city on Wednesday the civic chief visited Vishudas Bhave Natyagraha and inspected the work progress. He asked the engineers to pull up their socks and achieve the completion target.

During the inspection, few citizens told him that they have to go all the way to Nerul Agri-Koli Bhavan or Panvel to watch the play. The other option is to go to Mumbai for watching the play. If the Vishnudas Bhave Natyagraha work gets completed soon then it will be easy for them to catch the play or any events in the city itself. The civic chief gave the assurances to the citizens that from November or first week of December they will be able to visit their favourite auditorium of the city.

Dr. Ramaswami N. said, “I have personally inspected the work happening at Vishnudas Bhave Natyagraha. The auditorium has its own charm and most of the events take place here. Marathi plays aficionados are going all the way to Mumbai for watching play. And this is the reason I have asked my engineers to speed up the work and complete the auditorium work till October.”

Earlier, the Vishnudas Bhave Natyagraha renovation or the whole construction of it was stuck in the political fight. But later the NMMC took the decision to renovate the Vishnudas Bhave Natyagraha for the citizens because it is the only auditorium in the city and hence the city should have a proper auditorium with all the facilities in the place. The renovation of the auditorium started from 11th March, 2019 and the estimated time for the completion of the work was eight month.  But now the civic chief has set the new deadline and he wants it to get completed by the end of October.

Ashok DhamijaJune 14, 2019


United in our efforts

Navi Mumbai: In order to create awareness of the environment among its students, Ryan Christian School – Vashi observed World Environment Day recently. A number of activities and competitions based on the theme ‘We Care’ were organized on the occasion. The same witnessed enthusiastic participation from Montessori I to Grade. VIII students. These activities included finger printing of trees, paper plate sun making, nature scenery drawing and fancy dress competitions, extempore speeches on environment day and tree plantation drive.
“World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th of every year and it was instituted by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment. A day to promote caring for our planet, Earth. A number of activities were organized for our student’s right from Montessori I to Grade VIII with a view to ensure that the world is safe, clean and beautiful for our students as they grow up, and also in future their children to have a beautiful world to live in. For that to happen we have to make them understand that we all have to work together in order to take care of our planet Earth” shared Edwin Fernando, Headmistress of Ryan Christian School Vashi on the occasion.


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