Umbrellas & Raincoats dearer in Navi Mumbai market

Shopkeepers say there are many reasons for increase in rates

Monsoon has already arrived in the city from Monday onwards and there is a rush of people visiting shops that are selling umbrella and raincoats. Taking advantage of the seasonal demand, many shopkeepers are charging minimum of Rs. 300 for an umbrella and the maximum amount can even go above Rs.1000 depending on the brands. The raincoats are being priced at Rs 250 minimum and its range goes till Rs.1500.

The customers who started visiting the nearby market in the city are finding that the rainy products prices are high and the shopkeepers reason that the increase in customs duty and also the slight increase in the prices of Chinese products have made the products expensive.

Sujit Shinde, Shopkeeper from Nerul, said, “Now a days the trends keep changing and there are more demands to Indian products in comparison to China products. The reason for the increase in the prices of Indian raincoat, umbrellas and other products are 10 percent increase in many items that is E-way bill in place, GST and also the transportation cost.”

Sachin Kamble, Shopkeeper from Koperkhairane, said, “The kids demand attractive raincoat and umbrellas with new designs and it is costly. But this time the market will be better in comparison with previous year. This time our focus is on the kids. However, we are selling the products for all the age group. The cartoon characters like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown etc. and even animated umbrellas along with other materials are in demand. The umbrellas and raincoats are also made keeping in mind the liking of boys and girls of their different types of characters. Also there are different pattern and design of raincoat especially for girls.

Kamble further added, “This rainy season one more product has been added and that is the new bag covers. As the umbrella and raincoat can’t totally cover the school bags so the new bag covers in the market is for multipurpose use. Many essential items in the bag like mobile, laptop, wallet and other essential things can be protected by the bag covers.

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