Ulwe kids enjoy the first rain with gusto

Many kids were accompanied by their parents to experience first rain

Navi Mumbaikars were waiting for rain from the 1st week of June but finally on 10thJune, 2019 the rain arrived and that too very heavily. Many kids in Ulwe were playing at Kharkopar station with their parents in the rain at around 8:30pm. The kids were enjoying the rain with gusto.

Many kids and also youngsters were getting themselves wet in the rain and they were playing outside the spacious place in front of Kharkopar station. Many citizens were not aware about the uncertain rain and they went to job without umbrella or raincoat and this is the reason they were escaping the rain by standing inside the Kharkopar station.

It was difficult for the people to get the autorickshaw outside the station due to heavy rain. Many waited for half-an-hour to one hour at station. And they went home when the rain stopped.

Sachin Iyer, a resident of sector-18 in Ulwe came along with his 8 year son Sumesh Iyer at Kharkopar station to experience the first rain of the year. Sachin, while speaking to Newsband, said, “When we were in society the rain started pouring and my son asked me to take him to Kharkopar station just to play in the rain.”

Javed Shaikh, a resident of sector-17 in Ulwe, said, “The autorickshaw drivers were taking the benefit of the heavy rain and they were charging exorbitant fare. From Belapur to Ulwe sector-17 the auto driver charged me Rs 200 whereas normally it is Rs. 70 to 100.”

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