Tapsee Pannu doesn’t like to conform to stereotypes

She has played a challenging role in the film Game Over

Taapsee Pannu says that there is no genre safer than thriller. Taapsee Pannu doesn’t like to conform to stereotypes. She had two consecutive box-office hits with Manmarziyaan and Badla. She is considered as one of the most bankable actors in the industry. She likes her producers to get their money’s worth. She has a good line up and some breakthrough films that will help her to pull on for at least some more years.

Taapsee doesn’t believe in playing safe when it comes to choosing a script. But she got very few glamorous roles. She has proved that she is fit for films which are commercially viable and also make sense.

Her character in Manmarziyaan wasn’t received well by everyone. Many people didn’t like Manmarziyaan because her character was rebellious and people can’t associate a woman with revolt. Even in Badla, she played an antagonist. It will take time for people to embrace such characters.

Tapsee will now be seen in Game Over, which is also a thriller. Thrillers keep you at the edge of your seat. But not many people can write a good thriller. Taapsee was also in news for her film Saandh Ki Aankh where she is playing an elderly woman. She dared to play a 60-year-old. Movie-goers didn’t like that. They didn’t have a problem when she portrayed a college girl after turning 30. When she played an aged woman, people had a problem. Such daring choice should be in fact be appreciated.

Actress Taapsee Pannu is very well known for her outspoken nature. After packing a number of punches in action-packed roles, there is still something that Taapsee Pannu finds difficult. The actor, who plays the role of a mental patient in her upcoming film ‘Game Over’, revealed that she had spent hours reading scripts in order to prepare for her character. She used to sit for literally six hours for script reading sessions. For three to four days she sat with her director to understand the character, emotions and scenes well. And finally, she started shooting the film. Her efforts will surely not go in vain.

Contrary to her recent action driven roles, this time the actor will be seen restricted to a wheelchair for a considerable duration of the film, but that is exactly what made Taapsee take up the role. This is the first time when she will be seen sitting on a wheelchair in half of my film and stuck in completely horrifying situations.

Speaking about her character Sapna, the 31-year-old actors revealed that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s been a year since the character is suffering from this disease (PTSD). After some time, her body starts reacting to that trauma where her mind triggers that horrifying incident. The girl later realises that the reactions are termed as anniversary reactions which generally occur after one year of any incident. So, this is the reason a scared Sapna lands on a wheelchair.

‘Game Over’ will be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. While the film is helmed by Ashwin Saravanan, S. Sashikanth is the producer.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, along with Reliance Entertainment and Y Not studios, is presenting the Hindi version of the movie.

The film is slated to hit the theatres on June 14.

Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over, her first film in Tamil since 2015’s Vai Raja Vai, also features Anish Kuruvilla, Sanchana Natarajan and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan in supporting roles. The film, which is currently in post-production, is an “edge-of-the-seat thriller. Ron Ethan Yohann has provided the music and background score for Game Over.

Ashwin has written a film based on an obsessed gamer. In his childhood, he never bought clothes and fancy things. He spent most of his summer playing video games and always used to buy the game cartridges. He also strongly believed that just like how you get connected to the characters in films, you also would feel for the character in video games so he felt that it’s an equally good medium to tell his story.

In the trailer, Taapsee Pannu was seen playing only retro video games and not the contemporary flashy ones. The film happens in the contemporary time zone but Taapsee’s character is fond of the retro games. She is actually a game developer in the film.

Taapsee was no longer active in South films after the success of Pink. Ashwin loved Taapsee’s performance in Pink and immediately called her to say that they would definitely work someday. When he started Game Over his very first choice was Taapsee as she had done a lot of South films and was also a popular face in Bollywood. Moreover, she was capable of justifying the vulnerability of the protagonist in Game Over.

The story largely happens in one house. There are moments happening outside the house too. In arithmetic terms, 50 percent of the story happens inside the house and 50 percent happens outside. Each thing in the house said something about the character of the protagonist. The production designer Shiva has done such a brilliant job that he has given an international touch to the film.

Game Over is the quietest film in his career. The film has minimal dialogues. The film narrates a big part of the story through visuals. There is an eeriness in the silence. Imagine a character lives alone in a house and feels that someone is watching her. There is no big scope for dialogues here.

A filmmaker of Anurag Kashyap’s caliber easily finds out the mistakes in films but he said a lot of good things about this film. He has predicted that this is going to be a game changer. Anurag always ensures to praise talented filmmakers. He spontaneously came on board in releasing the Hindi version of the film and there was no big discussion.

Tapsee Pannu’s Game Over has been making headlines ever since the project was first announced by the makers. Expectations from this thriller are pretty high and huge. The film is produced by renowned production house YNOT Studios.

This film which stars Taapsee as a person on a wheelchair, who is defending her home from a mysterious entity, is bound to become a hit with Tapsee’s huge number of fans who love to see her playing challenging roles.

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