Exclusive Interview: Sachin Pilgaonkar

“We should encourage our youngsters”

The superstar of Marathi Cinema Sachin Pilgaonkar, who is not only the famous name in Marathi speaking household but also in Hindi speaking belt because of his many successful Hindi films in his young days says that the youngsters are the future of the country and they should be encouraged in order to take our nation on the world map. The actor was attending the five days festival titled “Euphoria 2019” as a chief guest and also to promote his upcoming Marathi film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui”. From his busy schedule while attending “Euforia 2019” he took little time to read the Navi Mumbai most readable English Newspaper “Newsband” and also interacted with the newspaper Senior Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh and talked about his journey and love for films.


Tell us about your reaction seeing your news that you will be attending the Pillai’s College much talked cultural fest “Euforia 2019” in Newsband?

I felt very happy and also excited. I thank Newsband the Navi Mumbai’s dynamic daily newspaper for covering Navi Mumbai’s city all news with courage and also making people aware about the happenings in the city. I am also overwhelmed seeing the news and liked coming to the city and attending “Euforia 2019” because it gave me same josh and energy like my young days. The students and audiences of the college also loved and liked my cast of upcoming Marathi film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” which will be releasing most probably on 1st March, 2019 in theatres across Maharashtra.

What is the movie “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” all about and how it is different from other romantic movies?

What does the name of the movie suggest (Laughs)…Ashiqui right, so the movie is all about romance but it is different than other romantic movie, If you would like to know more about the story than you will need to go to the theatres to watch the movie.

Your performance in Marathi film “Sohala” is one of your best performances, Comment on it?

Gajendra Ahire is one of the best directors and he gets best performances from his actor. I will say that I was lucky to be a part of such a wonderful film with good content and concept. My performance in the movie was of different level and the film also revolves around my character and my family. I would love to do such type of films in future too. The movie concept was so good that for the first time Hindi film producer K.C Bokadia came on the board to produce the Marathi film.

As you came to be a part of “Euphoria 2019” at Pillai’s Institute premises and promote your film “Ashi Hi Ashiqui” tell us how you felt?

I liked the way I was welcomed inside the college premises with Dhol-Tasha and the way students were excited to have of glimpse of mine. I can say that the treatment to me was like a superstar. I will cherish this moment forever in my life. I enjoyed shaking the leg along with my upcoming movie cast on the stage and also the video clipping of my journey in the film industry shown to the students and the staff of Pillai’s group of Institutions was a really a great and special treatment for me.

What will be your message to the youngsters of Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai is developing like anything and it has become the educational and central hub after Pune. I would just like to say to the youngsters of Navi Mumbai that apart from studies also excel in the field which you think you can make a mark and also make your parents and country proud.

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