Roadside vendors in Navi Mumbai flout FSSAI norms

FDA Maharashtra fails to implement it in the satellite city

Earlier in 2016 the food regulatory body – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) came up with the regulations and prohibited selling of any food items which is given by the roadside vendors in a wrapped newspaper. But in Navi Mumbai the roadside vendors are seen following the norms and they are still providing the food items to the customers in wrapped newspaper. Even the Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra, has totally failed to implement the rule it in the satellite city.

Sunil Ramakrishan, a resident of Vashi and a foodie, said, “I have read in newspaper that in 2016 the FSSAI had prohibited the usage of wrapped newspaper for food items. They had asked all the state FDA authorities to take action against the roadside vendors if they found floating the norms. But I can still see that the sandwich vendor outside my office in Koperkhairane still gives the parcel sandwiches in a wrapped newspaper. The regulation was brought in action in the year 2016 because the wrapped food in newspaper is considered to be harmful for the consumption because of the printing ink and it can be cancerous.”

When Newsband correspondent spoke to one of the senior FDA inspector who initiates the action on the roadside vendors he said, “If we receive any complaint from any people we definitely take action on the roadside vendors. But till now we haven’t received a single complaint from the Navi Mumbaikars of any violation since the date of implementation of the regulations. And the reason we haven’t initiated any action on any roadside vendors till date.”

The FSSAI came up with unique idea and that was for addressing the issue of printing ink which causes serious health issue in people and if consumed daily than it can cause cancer in the long-term. In Navi Mumbai the food authority failed to implement the regulation and they are not able to take any action against such activities happening in large numbers. The roadside vendors now have made it a common practice.

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Secretary of FDA, Maharashtra, said, “Many awareness programs were organised by us for the street vendors in Navi Mumbai. And people haven’t come ahead to complaint about any such issue so we haven’t taken any action. But when he receive the complaint in future we will definitely take strict action against them.”


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