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Abhitash SinghJanuary 30, 2019


“Our aim is BJP in NMMC in 2020”

With a humble beginning in life to reach at a level of District President of BJP Yuva Morcha in Navi Mumbai was not an easy cakewalk. He went through many ups and downs and also went to jail but it didn’t deter his motivation to do something for the society as a politician. Datta Ghangale who is just 30 now entered into active politics when he was in 12th Standard. In a tete-e-tete with Newsband Senior Correspondent Abhitash D.Singh, Datta Ghangale talks in length about his journey and also future plans.


Put some light on your political journey and its beginning?

Since my young days I was very stubborn and wanted to get the things which I wished to have. In my early days I used to work in milk agency at just a meager income of Rs 300 per month which was not sufficient for me and my family so I learnt about the trade and started my own milk agency of Mahananda. When I was in Modern College in the year 2002 I was been given the responsibility of Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena of Navi Mumbai and later I was promoted to the Gat Pramukh, UP Sakha Pramukh and Sakha Pramukh. When on 9th March 2006, Raj Thackeray inaugurated his new party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS) I too joined the party because he only given me the responsibility of BVS when he was in Shiv Sena. I thought that I will achieve great heights under the leadership of my mentor Raj Thackeray. I also contested for the election on the ticket of MNS from my ward then and came on the 2nd position against strong candidates which was a great achievement for me. But in 2013 when I was the Vice President of MNS I was wrongfully arrested on the charge of murder and it was a politically motivated incident. No one from the MNS party helped me to get out from this tough situation and before the Loksabha Election when BJP was not into power in both centre as well as Vidhan Sabha I entered BJP party along with my supporters. And since then I along with my supporters are working very hard for our party. Our aim and motive is to bring the BJP into power in NMMC 2020 municipal election.

You contested in NMMC election as a corporator twice, once in 2010 on MNS ticket and in 2015 on BJP ticket but failed in winning it, Comment?

Even though I haven’t won the election on both MNS and BJP tickets but I have won the hearts of the people of my ward as well as my seniors in the party who trust me. I stood 2nd when I contested on MNS ticket but latter in 2013, I was falsely arrested in the case of murder of Mathadi union leader the day after I was appointed as a MNS Navi Mumbai Vice President and  the whole scenario was a politically motivated. After this when I joined BJP because I didn’t get any support from my own party that is MNS then people of my ward thought that I am a person with criminal record and history. Unfortunately when I contested on BJP ticket in 2015 the ward distribution changed and I came on 2nd position fighting with a very senior and seasoned politician. My seniors and our MLA Manda Mhatre supported me and motivated me further. Also the High Court cleared me from all the criminal charges on me in 2017 so now I am free from any criminal charges and the reason I am focused and forgotten about the past and now me along with my supporters on the advice of our senior BJP authorities will be canvassing for the upcoming Lok Sabha election and will try our level best to bring the party back into power in center.

After the Narendra Modi digitalization boom you too succeeded in making more than 5000 youth of Navi Mumbai to upload Bhim App, Comment on it?

Yes Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of our country encouraged digitalization and he promoted the Bhim App where those who use to do transaction through the App would be awarded a decent amount and many people from the country took advantages of it. We too promoted it in Navi Mumbai and went to each and every college to make the youngsters aware about the importance of Bhim App. We organized many awareness camps around the city and succeeded in getting more than 5000 youth of Navi Mumbai to download the Bhim App and be the part of Prime Minister Digitalization goal.

As you are the representative of youth so what are the challenges ahead for the youth of Navi Mumbai?

Earlier Pune was known as the educational hub of the country, but now even Navi Mumbai is the educational hub of the country. Each and every intellectual and political person have their own educational institute in the city and the people from far and other states too are coming to get the education in this city. The youth of Navi Mumbai are very educated and intellectual the only challenges in front of them is that they are not getting the motivation and support from the civic body which is the need of the hour.  I as a President of BJP Yuva Morcha always try my level best to get the NMMC attention regarding the problems of youth in the city. There is no competition and world level swimming pool in the city so where the youth from Navi Mumbai will get chance to represent the city in various sports, I have proposed and also raised this question several time with the NMMC authorities.

What are your future plans as a BJP Yuva Morcha president?

I have lots of responsibility on my shoulder as a BJP Yuva Morcha President. My seniors and Manda Mhatre have always supported me and they will keep on supporting me in my endeavours. As of now the Lok Sabha election is nearby and I am focusing more on it along with my supporters and also trying to make people aware about the importance of voting. Also in 2020 there will be NMMC elections so I am also working hard to make people aware about the work done by the BJP in a very short span of time for the benefits of Navi Mumbaikar. We also exposing the wrong doings of the NMMC officers like charging Rs 3000 from small traders by threatening them that they have encroached and on the name of Ex NMMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe they take fines. We always oppose the racket of NMMC officers who wrongfully harass the small traders and also the vendors. On the name of E-Toilet in Navi Mumbai and to get Navi Mumbai as no.1 in Swachhta Abhiyan they are also trying to cheat the people. Most of the E-Toilet in Navi Mumbai is not clean and the contractors who were appointed for it just took care of it for one month and later they disappeared. So there are many problems of the citizen of the city which need to be heard of and I as a responsible and a youth leader representing one of the biggest party have to get the answer for it. My plans also include making all the people of my ward and also Navi Mumbai aware about the schemes, yojna and also many entrepreneurial projects announced by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. We are also working hard towards the Narendra Modi dream of In

Abhitash SinghJanuary 17, 2019


The Navi Mumbai Tamil Sangam today celebrated the Thiruvalluvar Day at Sector 9 in Vashi with great fervour. More than 150 people celebrated in the event and they also took the procession from NMTS building till Shivaji Chowk. Mr. Krishnamurthy the chairman of NMTS along with Avinas Lad Corporator of Vashi ward 60 garlanded the statue of Shivaji Maharaj and Later all the people present at the NMTS hall prayed and also garlanded the Thiruvalluvar statue.

The event was celebrated with great fervour and very soon the NMTS will be going through the renovation and will also be coming up with a website.

Abhitash SinghJanuary 11, 2019


Unemployed youth of Navi Mumbai to get Rs 3500 monthly allowance if Congress comes to power.

Following the footsteps of Madhya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh and Rajasthan Congress where they launched the “Yuva Shakti Card” for the youth of the state and the result they won the election in all three states which was earlier ruled by the BJP, the Navi Mumbai Youth Congress too launched the “Yuva Shakti Card” on 6th January, 2019 in a function held in Ghansoli under the leadership of Navi Mumbai Youth Congress President Nishant Bhagat.  The card promises the youth of Navi Mumbai with many lucrative offers.

The promises which were listed in the Yuva Shakti card were a monthly allowance of Rs.3500 to the unemployed youth till he gets the job, cheap loans to unemployed youth as well as withdrawal of fees for recruitment exams held for government jobs. During the function many Congress senior leaders were present and they assured that if the Congress government comes in power in the Loksabha Election which is about to held this year than the “Yuva Shakti Card” will be a reality because nowadays the only problems youth of the country are facing is unemployment.

Nishant Bhagat, Navi Mumbai Youth Congress President while speaking to Newsband said, “The biggest problem today is that the youth of the country are facing jobs problems. They are not getting the jobs even after completing their graduation. Present government promised that they will be providing more than 2 crores job opportunities to the youth but they didn’t fulfilled their promise. Now many youth are facing unemployment and they are the future of the country. The youth have the power to change the government. We have taken the initiative to bring out this “Yuva Shakti Card” for the youth of Navi Mumbai on the line of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatishgarh government and through this card the youth of Navi Mumbai will be able to get Rs. 3500 as a monthly allowance till they are unemployed. The youth can give us a miss call on the mobile no 9910222019 to register themselves for this card. We will be having the details of the candidates one they give us miss call and later they can personally come to the office to fill the forms and submit their documents to avail the benefits.”

He further added, “On Sunday 6th January, 2019 during the function at Ghansoli some around 140 youth gave the miss call and registered themselves for the “Yuva Shakti Card”. We will also be educating youth about many job opportunities which is easily available in the market.”

When Newsband Correspondent asked Manda Mhatre, MLA from BJP, Belapur Constituency about “Yuva Shakti Card” she said, “I am not at all aware about any such type of card. If they start giving the monthly allowance to the unemployed youth and the money start reaching their accounts than only I can say something about it. As of now I can only say that it is political gimmick.  The biggest challenge before them is to come into power first.”

Addressing the youth during the function the senior leaders of Congress said that in the time to come unemployment is set to become a major problem but we will try our level best to short out the problem when our government comes into power.

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