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Abhitash SinghJune 10, 2019


India’s message to the world

India is a land where many great men were born. Amongst them Swami Vivekananda’s name stands out as a spiritual leader. His address at the Parliament of Religions at Chicago, 1893, opened the world to the beauty of Vedanta. He lived only for thirty nine years, but worked tirelessly to revive the glory of India.

“This is the punya bhoomi, the land of karma”, declared Swami Vivekananda”. There is not one race on this earth to which the world owes so much as to the patient Hindu.” He said that the word Hindu does not denote any religion, but it was used to describe all the people who lived on the other side of Indus River. Thus people living in this region became Hindus. As the world progressed great ideas were advanced. But for each idea to be accepted men fought to prove themselves superior. Each word of power had to be followed by groans of millions of people, wails of orphans and tears of widows. This is what other nations have taught. But India existed peacefully even before Greece and Rome became empires. They came and vanished, but India remained. While the Romans and Greek ruled the world, people shuddered, but today the same remain as a mass of ruins, the spiders weave web where Ceaser ruled once.

While speaking of his experience while on mission in America, Swamiji said that an average American will know to which political party he belongs, but will not be able to tell much about his faith and religion. He found the opposite in India. People in rural India did not know much about politics, but could say quite a bit about their religion and faith. He declared that political greatness or military power was never the mission of our race and never shall be. But there has been another mission that has been given to us and that is to conserve, to preserve, to assimilate, as it were, into a dynamo, all the spiritual energy of the race and that concentrated energy is to pour forth in a deluge on the world, whenever circumstances are propitious.

Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher said,” In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and as elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death” This great German sage foretold that “The world would see a revolution in thought more extensive and more powerful than that which was witnessed by the renaissance of Greek literature,” and today his predictions are coming true.

To many, Indian thought ,Indian manners, Indian customs, Indian philosophy, Indian literature are repulsive at the first sight, but let them become familiar, let them read and persevere, let them become familiar with the great principals  underlying these ideas and it is ninety nine percent of the time true that they will fall for its charm. Slow and silent has been the charm of this calm, patient, all suffering, spiritual race, upon the world of thought.

In India alone, man has not got up to fight to say that my religion is the superior one. It was in our old books that the infinite glory of the spirit of man governed the entire search for religion. The Vedanta contained all the wonderful, convincing, broadening, and ennobling ideas. It was the voice of God.

Change is constant. He said customs of one yuga have not been the customs of other yuga. They will change, Great Rishi’s have come and more will appear to guide us to the customs more suited to the new environments.

If we watch the growth and development of religions among races we find that each tribe had a God. Many tribes had many different Gods. We see this in Babylonian race and Jewish races. However, as the race for supremacy among tribes grew, so the most powerful race declared their God to be the greatest. Similar thing happened in India also. However our good fortune was that, there came a voice that declared
– meaning “That which exists is one; sages call It by various names”. It is not that Shiv is superior to Vishnu, or any other name. The names may be different, but it is the same one. He urged people, “Above all others, my countrymen, this is the one grand truth that we have to teach the world.”

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a follower of Swami Vivekananda. His early life has been influenced by the life and works of this spiritual master. We see him work tirelessly for his people. When he says Hindu, this is exactly what he means. It is a way of life of the people of this country.

Time is just ripe. Let the world know that we stand united as one nation. Some may kneel bending towards the Kaba, others in church, still others at Buddhist temple, or I may worship in front of the Shiva linga, we must not forget that it is but ONE He, to whom we are all worshipping. We must not hate one another over these differences, but come and unite together. It is this idea that forms the central fabric of our motherland. It flows in our literature also. Let us remember this “They call thee by various names; Thou art one.”

 We are starting a column  in the newspaper which will be published on every Sunday that will present the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. The objective is to spread the message of peace among masses. Swamiji was a seer and also a great philosopher. He thought about our country and the prosperity of its people, and was pained to see the poverty in which it was presently.He has put forth solutiions to the existing problems. He predicated that a leader will rise in Bharat who will restore the glory of its ancient past and also will make it Jagat Guru. The time has come for people to know the teachings of this great spiritual leader.May the youth of this country rise and shine, and take India forward as was the wish of Swami Vivekananda. I hope the readers enjoy the series.

With prayers and regards,
Dr Vandana Mahajani
Nagar Pramukh

Vivekananda Kendra,Navi Mumbai

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newsbandJune 9, 2019


If the 2019 poll debacle has any message to Congress this is its individual centric politics. The BJP fought the election as a team like institution. The Congress continued its tradition of individualised politics sans party. The old school of thought even though was rattling the party but Congress could not come of the syndrome knowing no immunity is given by public.

After independence the Congress continued its charm till 1999. Its all faulty decisions though threw it out of power during the Vajpayee regime but its two successive terms from 2004 to 2014 further enthused its individual politics. The individual politics is not only the centralised Gandhi parivar but spread in its grass root level. The ten year term though marred with corruption charges it gave the BJP the room to destabilise the party’s ruining support base and it was successful. How?

The RSS, being the back bone of the BJP has continued to build its strength through educational institutes and other activities across the country. The Congress continued its tirade blaming RSS for the killing of the father of the nation. What the Congress party do not understand the father of the nation is not a personal property. MK Gandhi is of the nation.  The difference is Gandhi family always attuned to power – directly or indirectly. They never learnt what MK Gandhi did for the party but remained out of lust for power.

The Congress leaders build up educational institutes on their own name and organisations after their family, or Gandhi family name, etc. However, BJP twisted it to others and in some cases those not aligned to the RSS ideology. BJP embraced many freedom fighters, social workers, etc putting a direct challenge before Congress.

In contrast the RSS build up institutions for mass to promote its political agenda. In the RSS thought many who were attached to the organisations have been given skill training to build organisations. These organising skills brewed corporate leaders ie cadres and often hired by or deputed to  BJP for its political activity. These RSS backed persons were trained on oratory and other specialised skills in addition to their respective jobs.

In the Congress leaders’ institutions political activity is done without any clearly set out goal. One can experience the number of educational institutions of Congress leaders and their present status in Maharashtra. The institution owners are the one who manage the party. This is exactly opposite to the RSS and BJP. Congress has been a receiving style organisation from its politicians while BJP is a receiving organisation from RSS with a vast leadership expertise. Congress back bone remained divided and BJP is strengthen by RSS.

Congress workers look at the higher leadership without grooming done by its big leaders. By the time a worker is matured the Congress leader’s son or daughter came into picture spoiling the worker’s aspiration. However, RSS becomes an obstruction in such type of Congress method. RSS grooms leaders and at times force the BJP to lean to it. This gives new generation leadership to BJP.

Congress have many young leaders but silenced by the old age pensioners who have been elected number of times to assemblies, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.  For them Congress is not a party but a personal property or a mulching cow. Young turks like Sachin Pilot was overlooked by a veteran, Jyotriaditya Scindia by another loyal veteran and many others. Within a gap of five months the election results seen in Lok Sabha is credible enough for deeper understanding. The old generation do not understand the changing political scenario of the country with rising literacy, reducing poverty, changing economy, latest information technological advances, etc. This continuous trend of individualisation of Congress has spread a shock wave and demoralised the voters.

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