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Abhitash SinghJune 14, 2019


Company sets up Digital Academy in KK

In order to enhance the employability of marginalized communities Capagemini launched ‘A first in India’ its Digital Academy Initiative in Koperkhairane. It is one of a kind program focused on digital inclusion aimed to reintegrate a wide range of people from marginalised backgrounds. Many employees from Capgemini were awarded certificates and also the students from the low strata of the society were part of the launch event.

In first phase, two digital academies are being setup: a non-residential and co-ed center in Navi Mumbai and an all woman residential center in Pune. Capgemini has partnered with Pratham Infotech Foundation to implement the program and Simplon.Co, for content, knowledge and pedagogy. The company will play an advisory role through its Human Resources (HR) teams and subject matter experts (SMEs) to validate training curricula and pedagogy and ensure that the candidates are trained in competences corresponding to needs of the job market.

The Navi Mumbai and Pune academies will initially focus on training 100 unemployed youth in future skills; 50 in each city. The technical courses will include coding, web development, and SQL (Standard Query Language). Additionally, soft skills will be imparted to the participants to ensure they are job ready. The length of each training program is around 500 hours. Every successful participant will be awarded a diploma certified by Capgemini and partners.

Ashwin Yardi, CEO, Capgemini, India and also member of the Group Executive Committee, while addressing the gatherings, said, “Both the digital academy centers reinforce our commitment to drive equal opportunity and leverage our expertise as a technology company to bring individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds into the mainstream job market. The women-only center in Pune reflects a critical pillar of our strategic focus to embrace and enable diversity so that women are an integral part of the workforce.”

Kumar Anurag Pratap, Senior Director & CSR Leader, said, “The launch is part of Capgemini’s global program in digital inclusion to train excluded populations to use the best digital tools and facilitate their integration within the society of today and tomorrow. The beneficiaries of the initiative include disadvantaged youth who are NEET (not in education, employment or training), and under-represented groups from society.

Thierry Delaporte, Chief Operating Officer of the Capgemini Group, said, “At Capgemini, we are convinced that technology has an inclusive and positive role to play in our societies. The breadth and depth of our skillsets means we are equipped to be architects of positive futures. Our Group-wide focus on digital inclusion will enable us to mobilize our collective passion, connections and expertise to support individuals with the digital skills they need to sustain themselves in the new world shaped by the digital revolution.”

Representative of Capgemini from other countries, Lucie Laurines and Frederic Bardeau. were also part of the launch event. They told that the digital academy from Capgemini will definitely help in shaping the career of all the students from underprivileged society and in future it will give them global platform.

With the aim to reintegrate a wide range of people from marginalized backgrounds (such as refugees, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, the unemployed, etc.), Capgemini has opened Digital Academies and similar digital inclusion initiatives in a number of countries around the world including North America, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, and soon in Germany. In France, Capgemini co-founded La Grande École du Numérique (GEN) with several public and private organizations – including Simplon – to offer digital training to disadvantaged young people.


Abhitash SinghJune 14, 2019


Shopkeepers say there are many reasons for increase in rates

Monsoon has already arrived in the city from Monday onwards and there is a rush of people visiting shops that are selling umbrella and raincoats. Taking advantage of the seasonal demand, many shopkeepers are charging minimum of Rs. 300 for an umbrella and the maximum amount can even go above Rs.1000 depending on the brands. The raincoats are being priced at Rs 250 minimum and its range goes till Rs.1500.

The customers who started visiting the nearby market in the city are finding that the rainy products prices are high and the shopkeepers reason that the increase in customs duty and also the slight increase in the prices of Chinese products have made the products expensive.

Sujit Shinde, Shopkeeper from Nerul, said, “Now a days the trends keep changing and there are more demands to Indian products in comparison to China products. The reason for the increase in the prices of Indian raincoat, umbrellas and other products are 10 percent increase in many items that is E-way bill in place, GST and also the transportation cost.”

Sachin Kamble, Shopkeeper from Koperkhairane, said, “The kids demand attractive raincoat and umbrellas with new designs and it is costly. But this time the market will be better in comparison with previous year. This time our focus is on the kids. However, we are selling the products for all the age group. The cartoon characters like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown etc. and even animated umbrellas along with other materials are in demand. The umbrellas and raincoats are also made keeping in mind the liking of boys and girls of their different types of characters. Also there are different pattern and design of raincoat especially for girls.

Kamble further added, “This rainy season one more product has been added and that is the new bag covers. As the umbrella and raincoat can’t totally cover the school bags so the new bag covers in the market is for multipurpose use. Many essential items in the bag like mobile, laptop, wallet and other essential things can be protected by the bag covers.

Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


FDA Maharashtra fails to implement it in the satellite city

Earlier in 2016 the food regulatory body – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) came up with the regulations and prohibited selling of any food items which is given by the roadside vendors in a wrapped newspaper. But in Navi Mumbai the roadside vendors are seen following the norms and they are still providing the food items to the customers in wrapped newspaper. Even the Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra, has totally failed to implement the rule it in the satellite city.

Sunil Ramakrishan, a resident of Vashi and a foodie, said, “I have read in newspaper that in 2016 the FSSAI had prohibited the usage of wrapped newspaper for food items. They had asked all the state FDA authorities to take action against the roadside vendors if they found floating the norms. But I can still see that the sandwich vendor outside my office in Koperkhairane still gives the parcel sandwiches in a wrapped newspaper. The regulation was brought in action in the year 2016 because the wrapped food in newspaper is considered to be harmful for the consumption because of the printing ink and it can be cancerous.”

When Newsband correspondent spoke to one of the senior FDA inspector who initiates the action on the roadside vendors he said, “If we receive any complaint from any people we definitely take action on the roadside vendors. But till now we haven’t received a single complaint from the Navi Mumbaikars of any violation since the date of implementation of the regulations. And the reason we haven’t initiated any action on any roadside vendors till date.”

The FSSAI came up with unique idea and that was for addressing the issue of printing ink which causes serious health issue in people and if consumed daily than it can cause cancer in the long-term. In Navi Mumbai the food authority failed to implement the regulation and they are not able to take any action against such activities happening in large numbers. The roadside vendors now have made it a common practice.

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Secretary of FDA, Maharashtra, said, “Many awareness programs were organised by us for the street vendors in Navi Mumbai. And people haven’t come ahead to complaint about any such issue so we haven’t taken any action. But when he receive the complaint in future we will definitely take strict action against them.”


Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


Citizens allege no action by RTO

The auto drivers of the satellite city are taking benefit as heavy spells were witnessed in the city. The citizens allege that many auto drivers were charging more than the meter. According to one senior passenger from Vashi the auto drivers are not worried about complaints against them by NGO’s or even action from the RTO.

On the first day itself the auto drivers from Nerul, Vashi, Ulwe and Seawoods charged exorbitant fares from the commuters. As people were caught aware about the rain and did not carrying raincoat, umbrella to protect themselves from getting wet. The auto drivers at Ulwe were seen ferrying around 6 people in an auto and each passengers were been charged Rs.20 instead of Rs.10 which is charged on regular day. The commuters were not having any options but to pay whatever the auto drivers demanded.

Pratik Yadav, Director of Parivartan Foundation and a resident of Ulwe sector-17 said, “My home is just 7 minutes walking distance from Kharkhopar station and on regular days I go by my car. But on Monday I just came for a walk at Kharkopar station and I was stuck in the rain and to drop me home the auto driver asked me for Rs.50 which is really exorbitant. And if the passengers argue with them then they ask the passengers to take some other options.”

He further added, “When you tell them that we will complain to the RTO then they straightaway ask you to go and complain which shows that they don’t have any fear of RTO officials.”

Sunil Thevar, Daily Commuter from Vashi Station to Vashi Sector-15 said, “Earlier, I used to take auto from Vashi Station to Vashi Sector-15 and I was being charged only Rs.15 but on Monday during rain I was asked for Rs.30 and I was shocked. When I questioned the autodriver about the increase in fares he replied that during rain our fares get increased because in rainy season our auto needs more repairing.”

Nitesh Misal, Social Activist from Ghansoli, said, “The errant drivers are not at all worried or fear from the RTO officials or any NGOs. All the auto drivers support each other when some passengers points about their wrong doings.”

Newsband Correspondent tried calling the senior RTO officials but he was unavailable for the comment.


Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


Service Road in Nerul can be fatal

The service road opposite to Nerul D Y Patil Stadium can be fatal for the drivers who drive their vehicles. Many trucks keep on doing rounds on the roads. There are numbers of potholes on the road which has not been yet repaired and rain has already started in the city

The deadline for the completion of the road work and also the covering of potholes was 31st May or till 7th June, 2019 by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) but it seems that the civic body is only doing the inspection but the place where actual work is needed is left out by the authority.

On the service road many vehicular moments take place and even the pedestrians walk on those road. The Maruti Suzuki showroom is located in that lane of MIDC and people go for test drive or to inquire about the car and thus the big potholes can be dangerous for them.

One of senior official from civic body responsible for the filling of potholes on the condition of anonymity said, “ The problems about the potholes on the service road has been brought to our notice by the citizens and soon we will be looking after it and will try to fill the potholes before the arrival of heavy rains.”

Pratik Yadav, Sales Manager, Maruti Suzuki, Nerul, said, “Whenever I travel on the bike from Koperkhairane to my office I have to take care of the potholes. All the potholes are very big and it can be fatal. We have complained through letters several times to the civic authority but our complaints went into the deaf ears of the authority.”

Sudhir Yadav, Truck Driver who regularly drives on this road, said, “Before rain too this potholes would make our life hell. Driving truck on this service road is a risky affair but we have to do it because it is our work. As now the rain has arrived the potholes can be more dangerous for us.”

Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


A large number of devotees are upset as the ponds of the city have been left unattended. Wadala and Istralay are two important ponds of Panvel where most of the puja and all religious rituals take place. Apart from puja Ganpati idols, a large number of Durga and Amba idols are brought here for immersion every year. Unfortunately, both the ponds are in pathetic condition as nothing has been done for cleaning them after the puja and festivals.

Sachin Konde, a resident of Panvel says, “A large number of devotees come and immerse the idols in the ponds every year, but no one comes to clean them after that. This apathy of the authorities is not a new thing for us and just because their negligence these ponds remain dirty throughout the year.”

He adds, “As per norms, the ponds should be maintained before and after the festivals, so that the devotees and the local residents don’t face any problem at any point of time. Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) haphazardly takes some action in the name of cleaning the ponds just before the festivals. However, no one is concerned about it once the festivals get over.”

Jitendra Chauhan, another resident says, “The water of both the ponds are very dirty and cannot be used for any purpose. Apparently, the residents of the nearby areas wash their clothes and utensils over there. Similarly, the nails, pieces of woods and other materials used for making the idols remain under water as no one clean them after the festivals. These hurt the people when they get into the water during next festival.”

“Both the ponds have historical significance and if properly maintained, they would have been other attractions of the city. Every year we get some false promises of alleviating the problems but none of them are materialized even after months of celebration. If the authorities are not concerned about the maintenance of the ponds, who will solve our problems?” asks a visibly irked Jitendra.

When Newsband contacted Panvel Municipal Commissioner Dr. Ganesh Deshmukh, he said, “We have decided to develop the historical Wadala pond into most sought after recreation hub in the city. Since we don’t have enough funds for the same, we will develop it on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. We are planning boating, water sports, cafeteria, swimming pools food courts to pull the crowd. We are working on to make the 30000 sq meter water body a land mark of the city.”

“This apart we are also planning to clean all the ponds of Panvel and action will be taken soon,” he concluded.

Abhitash SinghJune 8, 2019


Steps taken by Pillai’s group management and students

When the demonetisation was initiated on 8th November, 2016, it was initiated keeping in mind the digitalisation and cashless transaction in villages too in near future. On the one hand, many people in urban areas are using cashless transaction but in remote parts, still many people are yet to get used to it. In order to educate all the villagers of Raigad district, the Pillai’s group of Institute staff along with students keep visiting the remote areas and train the villagers about the cashless transaction.

Many banks in Raigad district after the demonetisation distributed point of sales (PoS) machines among commercial units in the small village. It was initiated so that all the villagers should have their own bank account and all the village will be counted among cashless economy.

The then district collector and district magistrate of Raigad Sheetal Teli Ugale has directed to make all 67 villages cashless and in 2016, two villages that are Koproli and Deriwali in Panvel taluka went cashless.

During the demonetisation call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ugale held meeting with officials and decided to make villages cashless where common and honest people faced maximum difficulties. As per the 2011 census, population of Koproli and Deriwali villages is 1113 and 1212 respectively. However, in the year 2016-17 due to number of housing projects the population in these villages went around 4000. In comparison to other villages, literacy rate of Koproli and Deriwali was little encouraging. Koproli’s literacy rate was 84 percent while Derwali was 81%. Since the literacy of these villages was good, the officials found it easier to convince. Officials also found that women of the village showed lot of interest in new mode of payment, after they were informed.

When the banks and all the government officials were encouraging the villagers to go for cashless economy, the Pillai’s Group of Institute came forward and initiated to train the villagers about the cashless transaction. The students and the staff jointly go to villages and just create awareness among the villagers about how to be friendly with cashless transaction.

One of the senior teaching staff members from Pillai’s said, “While training the villagers about the cashless transaction, we always inform them about the security features which will protect savings. We also inform them about various methods of electronic payment like credit card, debit card, netbanking, RuPay, PayTm, using Aadhar card among others.”

Abhitash SinghJune 7, 2019


ISRO awards best outreach institute to PHCET

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) eminent scientists are very happy and so thrilled by the knowledge of the Pillai’s Engineering College students that they have awarded PHCET as a best outreach institute. Around 4,500 students from various engineering departments have registered themselves to get training from ISRO scientist for ISRO courses. Students will also be coming up with their own research.

Recently four students and three faculties of the institute went for training at ISRO Dehradun Centre.

Speaking to Newsband, Karthik, Coordinator for the ISRO training, said, “We have a tie-up with the ISRO for many projects. And our students will definitely gain a lot and they will implement and inculcate the learning in their education as well as in their further career. Our institute students are really very lucky that they are getting opportunities to directly get the training from the best and eminent scientists in the world.”

He further added, “The students of Bachelor in Engineering in Computer and electronics has applied for the ISRO courses and very soon they will be getting the confirmation and they will go to any one of the centres of ISRO to get the training.”

Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


A senior ENT Professor Haritosh Velankar and his team from D Y Patil hospital and research centre department of ENT, Nerul in Navi Mumbai performed a surgery for Laryngotracheal stenosis and succeeded in helping a patient to breath normally and regain his voice after surgery.

The doctor and his team performed the surgery on the 41-year-old patient, who had met with a road traffic accident 5 months back and he was unable to breathe normally through the nose and had lost his voice due to Tracheal stenosis. He is now able to breathe normally through his nose and also got his voice back.

Speaking to Newsband, Haritosh Velankar said, “Five months back the patient had met with a road traffic accident in his native village, after which he was admitted in the local hospital ICU with endotracheal intubation for 2 weeks. Post-extubation he developed tracheal stenosis, due to prolonged intubation. After which he came for treatment to D Y Patil Hospital. When there is tracheal stenosis, patient has to be on tracheostomy as he is unable to breathe normally from his nose and the patient also loses his voice due to stenosis. Tracheal stenosis can also occur due to trauma to the windpipe. The reasons mainly being road accident, strangulation, blunt trauma but commonest being post prolonged intubation”.

He further added, “The surgery for such a problem is extremely challenging, as the cartilages of the trachea once destroyed cannot regenerate again, due to which the airway forms stenosis and thus the normal air flow gets compromised. In such scenarios the trachea has to be reconstructed again by either end to end anastomosis or various other methods of laryngotracheoplasty. This surgery can be performed in adults as well as in children.”

Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


The company aims to improve the quality of the real estate market in India

IndiaMLS, a company whose mission statement is to create the largest and most accurate database of property listings in India, has brought the greatest invention in real estate to India. The company does not take credit for inventing the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) of course, but it has brought and customized the MLS for the Indian market. The people of Navi Mumbai who search for their homes through different portals which are not accurate all the time may use MLS which will be very helpful in their home search.

An MLS is the single most important real estate tool in western countries such as the US, and absolutely the need of the hour for the real estate industry here. The Indian real estate market is so fragmented, unstructured, and mired with junk data that visitors on real estate websites often call on property listings only to learn those listings are not even available. This happens because the source of the property is not verified, thus their data also cannot be verified for accuracy.

Founded by Jay Patel, who has more than two decades of experience in real estate, IndiaMLS is a membership-based, professional software solution for brokers and builders.  Due to its structure as a B2B company, not only does the MLS contain the most accurate sale or rental listings, but it also includes buyers’ requirements, creating a large database of buyers and sellers on one platform, similar to an exchange like the Bombay Stock Exchange. This allows sellers to quickly find buyers for their sale properties, making it the most effective marketing tool for the industry, unlike any other realty portal in India.

Considering the current scenario of the realty sector and property portals in this country, Jay Patel said, “Most real estate portals in India have so much junk data because they operate with a ‘Pay-Per-Listing’ structure which essentially means people can advertise whatever they want as long as they are paying for it, since there is no verification of data after it has been entered.”

Patel further added, “The Pay-Per-Listing concept used by portals cannot be sustained over the long term, because eventually brokers will realize their sale inventory is even more valuable for the property portals than it is for the brokers. If the real estate portals did not have the listings which brokers provide them, what revenue or value would portals have?  Zero!  That’s why portals should NOT be charging brokers for their listings.  In fact, since they really need the listings, the portals should actually be paying brokers for their valuable data.”

IndiaMLS aims to change the quality of the real estate market in this country through the implementation of a national MLS system. 

Speaking to Newsband, on his efforts for making his vision a reality and creating IndiaMLS, Patel said “After having undergone more than two years of real user testing and feedback from more than 10,000 Indian brokers, our MLS product is perfected for this market. It’s very important to recognize that IndiaMLS is not just another tech company.  We are completely different from traditional real estate portals, and we are positioned to shake up this industry as we introduce the greatest real estate tech invention to India.”

Box Items

Key company USPs include:

•         IndiaMLS is a unique property portal which includes a database of active sellers and buyers, thus creating a true marketplace, similar to a stock exchange.

•         There are NO FAKE LISTINGS on the MLS, unlike most real estate portals which have many junk listings posted by brokers only to generate leads.

•         There are NO DUPLICATE LISTINGS, because all multiple listings for the same property are consolidated into a single listing, making it much easier for all users.

•         The MLS contains only LIVE listings, thus no old or Expired Listings.

•         The MLS has a subscription revenue model, is operated by a Code-of-Ethics, and includes no PPL (Pay-Per-Listing), thus no need for brokers to buy large listing packages to advertise their properties or enter junk data.

•         The MLS is the only system which can provide accurate metrics, based upon local demographics – a very valuable tool.


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