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Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


Citizens allege no action by RTO

The auto drivers of the satellite city are taking benefit as heavy spells were witnessed in the city. The citizens allege that many auto drivers were charging more than the meter. According to one senior passenger from Vashi the auto drivers are not worried about complaints against them by NGO’s or even action from the RTO.

On the first day itself the auto drivers from Nerul, Vashi, Ulwe and Seawoods charged exorbitant fares from the commuters. As people were caught aware about the rain and did not carrying raincoat, umbrella to protect themselves from getting wet. The auto drivers at Ulwe were seen ferrying around 6 people in an auto and each passengers were been charged Rs.20 instead of Rs.10 which is charged on regular day. The commuters were not having any options but to pay whatever the auto drivers demanded.

Pratik Yadav, Director of Parivartan Foundation and a resident of Ulwe sector-17 said, “My home is just 7 minutes walking distance from Kharkhopar station and on regular days I go by my car. But on Monday I just came for a walk at Kharkopar station and I was stuck in the rain and to drop me home the auto driver asked me for Rs.50 which is really exorbitant. And if the passengers argue with them then they ask the passengers to take some other options.”

He further added, “When you tell them that we will complain to the RTO then they straightaway ask you to go and complain which shows that they don’t have any fear of RTO officials.”

Sunil Thevar, Daily Commuter from Vashi Station to Vashi Sector-15 said, “Earlier, I used to take auto from Vashi Station to Vashi Sector-15 and I was being charged only Rs.15 but on Monday during rain I was asked for Rs.30 and I was shocked. When I questioned the autodriver about the increase in fares he replied that during rain our fares get increased because in rainy season our auto needs more repairing.”

Nitesh Misal, Social Activist from Ghansoli, said, “The errant drivers are not at all worried or fear from the RTO officials or any NGOs. All the auto drivers support each other when some passengers points about their wrong doings.”

Newsband Correspondent tried calling the senior RTO officials but he was unavailable for the comment.


Abhitash SinghJune 8, 2019


Steps taken by Pillai’s group management and students

When the demonetisation was initiated on 8th November, 2016, it was initiated keeping in mind the digitalisation and cashless transaction in villages too in near future. On the one hand, many people in urban areas are using cashless transaction but in remote parts, still many people are yet to get used to it. In order to educate all the villagers of Raigad district, the Pillai’s group of Institute staff along with students keep visiting the remote areas and train the villagers about the cashless transaction.

Many banks in Raigad district after the demonetisation distributed point of sales (PoS) machines among commercial units in the small village. It was initiated so that all the villagers should have their own bank account and all the village will be counted among cashless economy.

The then district collector and district magistrate of Raigad Sheetal Teli Ugale has directed to make all 67 villages cashless and in 2016, two villages that are Koproli and Deriwali in Panvel taluka went cashless.

During the demonetisation call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ugale held meeting with officials and decided to make villages cashless where common and honest people faced maximum difficulties. As per the 2011 census, population of Koproli and Deriwali villages is 1113 and 1212 respectively. However, in the year 2016-17 due to number of housing projects the population in these villages went around 4000. In comparison to other villages, literacy rate of Koproli and Deriwali was little encouraging. Koproli’s literacy rate was 84 percent while Derwali was 81%. Since the literacy of these villages was good, the officials found it easier to convince. Officials also found that women of the village showed lot of interest in new mode of payment, after they were informed.

When the banks and all the government officials were encouraging the villagers to go for cashless economy, the Pillai’s Group of Institute came forward and initiated to train the villagers about the cashless transaction. The students and the staff jointly go to villages and just create awareness among the villagers about how to be friendly with cashless transaction.

One of the senior teaching staff members from Pillai’s said, “While training the villagers about the cashless transaction, we always inform them about the security features which will protect savings. We also inform them about various methods of electronic payment like credit card, debit card, netbanking, RuPay, PayTm, using Aadhar card among others.”

Abhitash SinghJune 7, 2019


ISRO awards best outreach institute to PHCET

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) eminent scientists are very happy and so thrilled by the knowledge of the Pillai’s Engineering College students that they have awarded PHCET as a best outreach institute. Around 4,500 students from various engineering departments have registered themselves to get training from ISRO scientist for ISRO courses. Students will also be coming up with their own research.

Recently four students and three faculties of the institute went for training at ISRO Dehradun Centre.

Speaking to Newsband, Karthik, Coordinator for the ISRO training, said, “We have a tie-up with the ISRO for many projects. And our students will definitely gain a lot and they will implement and inculcate the learning in their education as well as in their further career. Our institute students are really very lucky that they are getting opportunities to directly get the training from the best and eminent scientists in the world.”

He further added, “The students of Bachelor in Engineering in Computer and electronics has applied for the ISRO courses and very soon they will be getting the confirmation and they will go to any one of the centres of ISRO to get the training.”

Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


SBI General Insurance “Free Water on Wheels” a great initiative says citizens

The SBI General Insurance on 3rd June, 2019 which is celebrated as a “World Environment Day” distributed free water in Navi Mumbai covering area like Panvel, CBD-Belapur, Vashi, Nerul and Seawoods. “Free Water on Wheels” van travelled in various part of the city and distributed about 4000 bottles to Navi Mumbaikars.

Many people took the benefit of the initiative and they were very happy with the SBI General Insurance initiative and said that in future they will like the other companies too to carry out such unique initiative.

RJ Hrishikesh Mhatre, a resident of Juinagar, who took the water bottle from the van, said, “The climate is really hot nowadays and water is very essential to keep oneself hydrated; so according to me the initiative by SBI is appreciable.”

SBI General Spokesperson, speaking to the Newsband, said, “SBI General insurance company has organized this initiative keeping in mind the need of water in the hot afternoons, specially for those working on the streets such a traffic personal, dabba walas, delivery guys, watchmen, auto and taxi drivers amongst others. Till date we have distributed close to 45,000 bottles and more that 11,000 liters of water across Mumbai and Thane. We encourage people to use the dustbin kept near the van post drinking water. At the end of each day all the bottles are collected and sent across for recycling.”

Abhitash SinghMay 30, 2019


Announcement has been made 3 times since 2014

It is heard that CIDCO is finally coming up with the veterinary hospital in Kalamboli and it will be operational by 2021. Animal lovers are filled with joy as the planning body recently announced the construction of the ‘promised’ veterinary animal hospital in Kalamboli. While it is reason enough to celebrate, many are doubting the fulfillment of such promise. Why? Well, because CIDCO has made such an announcement three times in the last 5 years!

In 2014, CIDCO had boldly announced their decision to allot a half acre plot in Kalamboli to an animal rights NGO, People For Animals (PFA), to be used for building the city’s first animal hospital in a time span of two years. PFA, which was led by Maneka Gandhi, an animal activist and the Union minister, had started making plans for the hospital to be built at the cost of Rs 5 crore. The said hospital was supposed to be constructed and let open in 2017 but nothing of that sort happened. Time passed away and the plan never took off.

In 2017, the year that should have seen the opening of the animal hospital, CIDCO once again made the same announcement, informing citizens that the animal hospital would be constructed jointly by Tata Trusts and People for Animals (PFA). They informed that they would be building a 9,000 sq m animal-care facility with a holding capacity of 235. Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Trusts, had announced that they would be building a four-storey hospital that would cater to all domestic and farm animals with treatments and services at affordable rates. The unit was to provide an intensive care unit, recovery rooms and imaging and pathology services, comprehensive medical care including orthopedics, dentistry and trauma surgery. The joint venture of Tata and PFA had also said to have collaborated with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, for the design of the hospital and operational expertise. However, the plans never took off.

Once again, CIDCO has made an announcement about construction of the veterinary hospital that will be functional by 2021. The rest of the details are that Tata Trusts and PFA will be building it jointly at the cost of Rs 5 crore, on an 8,000 sq m in sector 16 in Kalamboli, next to D-mart. While People for Animals (PFA) is said to have paid for the land, the Tata Trusts will be constructing the building. They’ll also be providing medical equipment such as MRI and CT scan.

CIDCO proudly claims that the hospital would be the largest animal hospital in Navi Mumbai. The best part would be the fact that they would be providing free treatment to all types of animals. The costs would be borne on a 50-50 basis by CIDCO and PFA. However, a nominal fee would be charged during admission.

Speaking with the Newsband Priya Ratambe, PRO, CIDCO said, ” Yes the planning body has announced the animal hospital in Kalamboli and this time it will be constructed. Now the people of the Navi Mumbai will not have to wait for it.’
The hospital is said to become functional by 2021. But still, there is a question in the mind of the citizens.

Abhitash SinghMay 30, 2019


Initiative undertaken to help the public beat the heat

SBI General Insurance Company will be distributing free water bottles to anyone and everyone in the satellite city. The company van will be coming to Navi Mumbai on 3rd of June and it will distribute water in different areas of Navi Mumbai from Panvel to Vashi.

Earlier, the company had succeeded in providing 30,000 bottles to the people across Andheri, Dadar, Bandra, Ghatkopar and Mahalaxmi. The initiative, which is titled “Free Water on Wheels,” aims to come up with unique ideas and thus help in social responsibilities.

Pushan Mahapatra, MD and CEO of SBI General Insurance inaugurated the water wagon on May 21st, 2019 to begin the activity from Andheri. The wagon has already covered prime locations like Chembur, Ghatkopar, Mohammad Ali Road, Goregaon, Mumbai Central, Grant Road Station, Saifee Hospital, Churchgate Station and Gateway of India. It will cover the remainder of the city before 4th June, 2019.

Speaking to Newsband, Pushan Mahapatra, MD and CEO, SBI General Insurance said, “We have organised the initiative keeping in mind the need for water to quench thirst of the people like traffic police, dabba walla, delivery guys, watchmen who work in the heat to keep Mumbai going. Till date around 30,000 bottles and close to 8000 litres of water have already been distributed.”


Abhitash SinghMay 29, 2019


BIA to train students in data analytics

 The demands for data analytics jobs are increasing in the country, but due to unskilled people in the field the demands are not met. Keeping in mind about the gap the Boston Institute of Analytics opened their training centre in India. BIA will also set up it centre in Navi Mumbai too because the satellite city is slowly becoming the Information Technology hub and it is developing at rapid pace.
The BIA is an international organisation that imparts training in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to students and working professionals via classroom training conducted by industry experts.
Speaking with Newsband Ashwin Meshram, CEO, Boston Institute of Analytics said, “A lot of students and working professionals are interested to tap the enormous number of job opportunities in the analytics sector, but don’t know what they can do to become trained in this sector. Our aim with BIA is to bridge this gap, and offer targeted training programs to make people skilled and employable in the analytics and data science field. Our part-time courses ensure people can pursue this training while continuing with their current professional or educational commitments.
He further added that, “It is a myth that non-engineers cannot enter the field of analytics and data science. With the right kind of training, students from any field, irrespective of whether they are from commerce or science backgrounds, can get skilled and employed in analytics sector.”
Sufiya Khan, Public Relationship Officer of Boston Institute of Analytics said, ” At BIA we conduct in-depth classroom sessions and it is conducted by renowned data science experts, follow a curated course structure to ensure that students have a solid foundation. Unlike other institutes we just don’t provide with theoretical knowledge but give more attention towards practical knowledge. The course are divided into three sessions that is beginner, intermediate and advanced. In three months time one can become a certified data scientist.”
She further added, As of now there is a demand of around 4.5 lakh data analytics in the country in many sectors like E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, Education, IT and many other sectors but we have only 2 lakh skilled employee. So BIA will fulfill the gap and will provide more skilled employees.”
“The center of BIA will be initiated in Vashi in Navi Mumbai and it will be located near the station so that it can be convenient for the students. In one batch we will be taking only 25 students so that we can give more attention to each student” informed Sufiya.

Ashok DhamijaMay 29, 2019


The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) declared HSC Result 2019 for over 14 lakhs Class 12 students who pursued Arts, Science and Commerce streams during the academic year 2018-19 on Tuesday May 28, 2019. As per the figures released by the Maharashtra Board the overall pass percentage was 85.88* this year, compared to 88.41 last year, a drop of  nearly 2.53 per cent.

Students from Konkan Division with 31775 Class 12 students once again performed the best with 93.30 per cent among nine divisions in Maharashtra, followed by Pune (87.88 %) and Amravati (87.55 %) respectively. Mumbai division^ (83.85 %) which had the highest registered candidates (316345) on the other hand managed to avoid the bottom position ahead of Nagpur (82.51 %) with approximately half the number of students. Girls once again outperformed boys in the class 12 examination in Maharashtra with 90.25% success, while boys registered 82.40%. HSC students from the Science registered  92.04 pass percentage, while Commerce and Arts students scored 88.28% and 76.28 % respectively.

Girls outshone boys once again in the Maharashtra HSC exams whose results were declared on Tuesday

Box Open

Maharashtra – Pass percentage: 85.58%

No of candidates  registered: 1423503 (Fresh) + 68045 (Repeater)           

Girls Vs Boys – Pass percentage: Girls – 90.25%, Boys – 82.40%

Stream-wise pass percentage: Science – 92.04%; Commerce – 88.28%; Arts – 76.28 %

District-wise result:
Konkan secured the highest pass percentage at 93.23 per cent followed by Pune (87.88%), Amaravati (87.55%), Aurangabad (87.29%), Kolhapur (87.12%), Latur (86.08%), Nashik (84.77%), Mumbai (83.85%) and Nagpur 82.51%.

No of Higher Secondary. Schools (HSC ) / Junior colleges in the entire state: 7000

Box Close


Dinesh KamathMay 29, 2019


NMMC focuses on cleaning of nallahs and gutters before monsoon starts

Just before the monsoon begins, NMMC is focusing on cleaning the nallahs and gutters so that there won’t be accumulation of rainwater. 95 percent of the work of gutter cleaning has been done. The work on nallah cleaning is 86% complete. The waste management department is making all the efrots to complete the work by 30 May as instructed by municipal commissioner Dr Ramaswami N.

The municipal commissioner has given strict orders that during the monsoon period, the city residents should not face any kind of problems. He has asked the waste management department to get all the nullahs and gutters of the city totally cleaned so that no problem occurs during the monsoon. He has asked even the concerned department’s ward officers and executive engineers and the nodal officers of every ward to achieve the goal that he has set for them.

Abhitash SinghMay 29, 2019


Navi Mumbai: The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation(NMMC) will be chopping 98 dangerous trees before monsoon and the date fixed for it is 7th of June. Every year before monsoon the civic body take precautions that no untoward incidents take place in the city. Taking in consideration about many tree falling activities during monsoon in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai which claims people live the proposal has been bought to cut all the 98 dangerous trees in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the city.

The civic body aims to trim or cut the tress mostly located in Zone 1. In Zone 1 there are 72 trees whereas in Zone-2 there are 26 trees which has been considered to be dangerous.

The civic body has identified 98 trees on the basis of complaints by residents and inspection by the officials from the tree and garden department of NMMC.

Nitin Kale, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, NMMC, Garden Department said, ” Every year the survey to identify thee dangerous trees start in the month of May. But this year due to the model code of conduct the survey started late. The tree officials have identified 98 treees to be dangerous and it will be cut before 7th of June. We have set 31st May and 7th June deadline to complete the tree cutting work. In Zone-2 we have already trimmed 12 trees whose branches were spread on the road and we have sent to proposal for cutting the rest tree to the tree authorities. There were 4 trees in Koperkhairane, 11 in Airoli and six in Ghansoli which has been cut. In Zone-1 we have identified 72 trees which need to be cut.”

He further added, ” We are cutting the trees keeping the safety of residents first during the monsoon season. But we will also request the residents that once the rainy season ends the residents can plant two trees in place of one tree which was cut during the rain.”

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