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Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


Service Road in Nerul can be fatal

The service road opposite to Nerul D Y Patil Stadium can be fatal for the drivers who drive their vehicles. Many trucks keep on doing rounds on the roads. There are numbers of potholes on the road which has not been yet repaired and rain has already started in the city

The deadline for the completion of the road work and also the covering of potholes was 31st May or till 7th June, 2019 by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) but it seems that the civic body is only doing the inspection but the place where actual work is needed is left out by the authority.

On the service road many vehicular moments take place and even the pedestrians walk on those road. The Maruti Suzuki showroom is located in that lane of MIDC and people go for test drive or to inquire about the car and thus the big potholes can be dangerous for them.

One of senior official from civic body responsible for the filling of potholes on the condition of anonymity said, “ The problems about the potholes on the service road has been brought to our notice by the citizens and soon we will be looking after it and will try to fill the potholes before the arrival of heavy rains.”

Pratik Yadav, Sales Manager, Maruti Suzuki, Nerul, said, “Whenever I travel on the bike from Koperkhairane to my office I have to take care of the potholes. All the potholes are very big and it can be fatal. We have complained through letters several times to the civic authority but our complaints went into the deaf ears of the authority.”

Sudhir Yadav, Truck Driver who regularly drives on this road, said, “Before rain too this potholes would make our life hell. Driving truck on this service road is a risky affair but we have to do it because it is our work. As now the rain has arrived the potholes can be more dangerous for us.”

Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


Many kids were accompanied by their parents to experience first rain

Navi Mumbaikars were waiting for rain from the 1st week of June but finally on 10thJune, 2019 the rain arrived and that too very heavily. Many kids in Ulwe were playing at Kharkopar station with their parents in the rain at around 8:30pm. The kids were enjoying the rain with gusto.

Many kids and also youngsters were getting themselves wet in the rain and they were playing outside the spacious place in front of Kharkopar station. Many citizens were not aware about the uncertain rain and they went to job without umbrella or raincoat and this is the reason they were escaping the rain by standing inside the Kharkopar station.

It was difficult for the people to get the autorickshaw outside the station due to heavy rain. Many waited for half-an-hour to one hour at station. And they went home when the rain stopped.

Sachin Iyer, a resident of sector-18 in Ulwe came along with his 8 year son Sumesh Iyer at Kharkopar station to experience the first rain of the year. Sachin, while speaking to Newsband, said, “When we were in society the rain started pouring and my son asked me to take him to Kharkopar station just to play in the rain.”

Javed Shaikh, a resident of sector-17 in Ulwe, said, “The autorickshaw drivers were taking the benefit of the heavy rain and they were charging exorbitant fare. From Belapur to Ulwe sector-17 the auto driver charged me Rs 200 whereas normally it is Rs. 70 to 100.”

Abhitash SinghJune 12, 2019


A large number of devotees are upset as the ponds of the city have been left unattended. Wadala and Istralay are two important ponds of Panvel where most of the puja and all religious rituals take place. Apart from puja Ganpati idols, a large number of Durga and Amba idols are brought here for immersion every year. Unfortunately, both the ponds are in pathetic condition as nothing has been done for cleaning them after the puja and festivals.

Sachin Konde, a resident of Panvel says, “A large number of devotees come and immerse the idols in the ponds every year, but no one comes to clean them after that. This apathy of the authorities is not a new thing for us and just because their negligence these ponds remain dirty throughout the year.”

He adds, “As per norms, the ponds should be maintained before and after the festivals, so that the devotees and the local residents don’t face any problem at any point of time. Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) haphazardly takes some action in the name of cleaning the ponds just before the festivals. However, no one is concerned about it once the festivals get over.”

Jitendra Chauhan, another resident says, “The water of both the ponds are very dirty and cannot be used for any purpose. Apparently, the residents of the nearby areas wash their clothes and utensils over there. Similarly, the nails, pieces of woods and other materials used for making the idols remain under water as no one clean them after the festivals. These hurt the people when they get into the water during next festival.”

“Both the ponds have historical significance and if properly maintained, they would have been other attractions of the city. Every year we get some false promises of alleviating the problems but none of them are materialized even after months of celebration. If the authorities are not concerned about the maintenance of the ponds, who will solve our problems?” asks a visibly irked Jitendra.

When Newsband contacted Panvel Municipal Commissioner Dr. Ganesh Deshmukh, he said, “We have decided to develop the historical Wadala pond into most sought after recreation hub in the city. Since we don’t have enough funds for the same, we will develop it on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. We are planning boating, water sports, cafeteria, swimming pools food courts to pull the crowd. We are working on to make the 30000 sq meter water body a land mark of the city.”

“This apart we are also planning to clean all the ponds of Panvel and action will be taken soon,” he concluded.

Abhitash SinghJune 10, 2019


India’s message to the world

India is a land where many great men were born. Amongst them Swami Vivekananda’s name stands out as a spiritual leader. His address at the Parliament of Religions at Chicago, 1893, opened the world to the beauty of Vedanta. He lived only for thirty nine years, but worked tirelessly to revive the glory of India.

“This is the punya bhoomi, the land of karma”, declared Swami Vivekananda”. There is not one race on this earth to which the world owes so much as to the patient Hindu.” He said that the word Hindu does not denote any religion, but it was used to describe all the people who lived on the other side of Indus River. Thus people living in this region became Hindus. As the world progressed great ideas were advanced. But for each idea to be accepted men fought to prove themselves superior. Each word of power had to be followed by groans of millions of people, wails of orphans and tears of widows. This is what other nations have taught. But India existed peacefully even before Greece and Rome became empires. They came and vanished, but India remained. While the Romans and Greek ruled the world, people shuddered, but today the same remain as a mass of ruins, the spiders weave web where Ceaser ruled once.

While speaking of his experience while on mission in America, Swamiji said that an average American will know to which political party he belongs, but will not be able to tell much about his faith and religion. He found the opposite in India. People in rural India did not know much about politics, but could say quite a bit about their religion and faith. He declared that political greatness or military power was never the mission of our race and never shall be. But there has been another mission that has been given to us and that is to conserve, to preserve, to assimilate, as it were, into a dynamo, all the spiritual energy of the race and that concentrated energy is to pour forth in a deluge on the world, whenever circumstances are propitious.

Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher said,” In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and as elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death” This great German sage foretold that “The world would see a revolution in thought more extensive and more powerful than that which was witnessed by the renaissance of Greek literature,” and today his predictions are coming true.

To many, Indian thought ,Indian manners, Indian customs, Indian philosophy, Indian literature are repulsive at the first sight, but let them become familiar, let them read and persevere, let them become familiar with the great principals  underlying these ideas and it is ninety nine percent of the time true that they will fall for its charm. Slow and silent has been the charm of this calm, patient, all suffering, spiritual race, upon the world of thought.

In India alone, man has not got up to fight to say that my religion is the superior one. It was in our old books that the infinite glory of the spirit of man governed the entire search for religion. The Vedanta contained all the wonderful, convincing, broadening, and ennobling ideas. It was the voice of God.

Change is constant. He said customs of one yuga have not been the customs of other yuga. They will change, Great Rishi’s have come and more will appear to guide us to the customs more suited to the new environments.

If we watch the growth and development of religions among races we find that each tribe had a God. Many tribes had many different Gods. We see this in Babylonian race and Jewish races. However, as the race for supremacy among tribes grew, so the most powerful race declared their God to be the greatest. Similar thing happened in India also. However our good fortune was that, there came a voice that declared
– meaning “That which exists is one; sages call It by various names”. It is not that Shiv is superior to Vishnu, or any other name. The names may be different, but it is the same one. He urged people, “Above all others, my countrymen, this is the one grand truth that we have to teach the world.”

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a follower of Swami Vivekananda. His early life has been influenced by the life and works of this spiritual master. We see him work tirelessly for his people. When he says Hindu, this is exactly what he means. It is a way of life of the people of this country.

Time is just ripe. Let the world know that we stand united as one nation. Some may kneel bending towards the Kaba, others in church, still others at Buddhist temple, or I may worship in front of the Shiva linga, we must not forget that it is but ONE He, to whom we are all worshipping. We must not hate one another over these differences, but come and unite together. It is this idea that forms the central fabric of our motherland. It flows in our literature also. Let us remember this “They call thee by various names; Thou art one.”

 We are starting a column  in the newspaper which will be published on every Sunday that will present the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. The objective is to spread the message of peace among masses. Swamiji was a seer and also a great philosopher. He thought about our country and the prosperity of its people, and was pained to see the poverty in which it was presently.He has put forth solutiions to the existing problems. He predicated that a leader will rise in Bharat who will restore the glory of its ancient past and also will make it Jagat Guru. The time has come for people to know the teachings of this great spiritual leader.May the youth of this country rise and shine, and take India forward as was the wish of Swami Vivekananda. I hope the readers enjoy the series.

With prayers and regards,
Dr Vandana Mahajani
Nagar Pramukh

Vivekananda Kendra,Navi Mumbai

Readers can send their feedback on below email-id
Man making & Nation building is our motto”

Abhitash SinghJune 8, 2019


Steps taken by Pillai’s group management and students

When the demonetisation was initiated on 8th November, 2016, it was initiated keeping in mind the digitalisation and cashless transaction in villages too in near future. On the one hand, many people in urban areas are using cashless transaction but in remote parts, still many people are yet to get used to it. In order to educate all the villagers of Raigad district, the Pillai’s group of Institute staff along with students keep visiting the remote areas and train the villagers about the cashless transaction.

Many banks in Raigad district after the demonetisation distributed point of sales (PoS) machines among commercial units in the small village. It was initiated so that all the villagers should have their own bank account and all the village will be counted among cashless economy.

The then district collector and district magistrate of Raigad Sheetal Teli Ugale has directed to make all 67 villages cashless and in 2016, two villages that are Koproli and Deriwali in Panvel taluka went cashless.

During the demonetisation call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ugale held meeting with officials and decided to make villages cashless where common and honest people faced maximum difficulties. As per the 2011 census, population of Koproli and Deriwali villages is 1113 and 1212 respectively. However, in the year 2016-17 due to number of housing projects the population in these villages went around 4000. In comparison to other villages, literacy rate of Koproli and Deriwali was little encouraging. Koproli’s literacy rate was 84 percent while Derwali was 81%. Since the literacy of these villages was good, the officials found it easier to convince. Officials also found that women of the village showed lot of interest in new mode of payment, after they were informed.

When the banks and all the government officials were encouraging the villagers to go for cashless economy, the Pillai’s Group of Institute came forward and initiated to train the villagers about the cashless transaction. The students and the staff jointly go to villages and just create awareness among the villagers about how to be friendly with cashless transaction.

One of the senior teaching staff members from Pillai’s said, “While training the villagers about the cashless transaction, we always inform them about the security features which will protect savings. We also inform them about various methods of electronic payment like credit card, debit card, netbanking, RuPay, PayTm, using Aadhar card among others.”

Abhitash SinghJune 7, 2019


Amyra Dastur’s work has been taking her to places; the starlet has four releases this year – Mental Hai Kya with Kangana Ranaut & Rajkumar Rao being her first for 2019. Her sense of fashion has also become the talk of the town with everyone gushing over her. And well, it is that fashionista in her which has helped her bag her very first global brand endorsement.

A high street Swedish multinational clothing brand which is very well known worldwide and has even been endorsed by Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr & David Beckham has roped Amyra Dastur now for its endorsement.

Relatively new to the Indian buyers, the brand opened its first stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Many celebrities have worn the brand for their promotions and can’t seem to get over it. In future the brand is also planning to open its stores in Navi Mumbai.

The brand was looking for someone young and fresh who is an upcoming talent and known for their red carpet fashion as well as street style and Amyra fits the category.

Speaking to the media about her assignment Amyra said, “It’s an absolute dream come true as I have been buying and wearing this brand ever since I started travelling abroad since it wasn’t available in India. Now that I’m endorsing it, I feel absolutely privileged and proud because I know they’re picky about the correct representation. I even remember in school I wrote my business paper about the brand and its brilliant marketing campaigns and how it grew into the multinational clothing company that it is today. It’s pretty cool to have researched it in the 10th grade and now to be shooting for the brand itself.”


Abhitash SinghJune 7, 2019


ISRO awards best outreach institute to PHCET

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) eminent scientists are very happy and so thrilled by the knowledge of the Pillai’s Engineering College students that they have awarded PHCET as a best outreach institute. Around 4,500 students from various engineering departments have registered themselves to get training from ISRO scientist for ISRO courses. Students will also be coming up with their own research.

Recently four students and three faculties of the institute went for training at ISRO Dehradun Centre.

Speaking to Newsband, Karthik, Coordinator for the ISRO training, said, “We have a tie-up with the ISRO for many projects. And our students will definitely gain a lot and they will implement and inculcate the learning in their education as well as in their further career. Our institute students are really very lucky that they are getting opportunities to directly get the training from the best and eminent scientists in the world.”

He further added, “The students of Bachelor in Engineering in Computer and electronics has applied for the ISRO courses and very soon they will be getting the confirmation and they will go to any one of the centres of ISRO to get the training.”

Abhitash SinghJune 7, 2019


Becomes youngest Engineering College in Raigad region to achieve the feat

Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani which was established in 2009 and affiliated to University of Mumbai and also recognised by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) succeeded in getting the recognition and also accomplishing a great feat of getting ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India.

In a press conference organised on Thursday, June 6th, in the premises of PHCET the Head of Department of all the faculties and all the management were happy and excited to share their achievement with the media.

Nivedita Shreyans, Director, Public Relations of Pillai’s group, said, “We are really proud of the achievements of our Engineering College and for it we got support of all our staff members and students. The officials from NAAC came in our premises to inspect and they found that in each and every parameters we are doing our best and the reason they decided to give us ‘A’ Grade Accreditation. On 28th of March we received the happy news from the NAAC officials. Achieving this feat is a proof and validation of consistent efforts of our college. The best part is that we are one of the youngest Engineering Colleges in the Raigad region to be awarded ‘A’ grade in the first cycle by NAAC and that too in the first ten years of its existence. Many colleges take at least two cycles to achieve the ‘A’ grade by NAAC. After this achievement I can say that PHCET has been on a continuous growth trajectory.”

She further added, “The ‘A’ grade is being judged on the basis of good infrastructure, faculties, good governance, student support, and there are few other parameters which we passed in. The ‘A’ grade Accreditation is valid up to 27th March, 2024. PHCET also serves the needs of the community around it considering the fact that many of the students come from economically backward strata. Some of them are first generation learners and from underprivileged communities. The only way forward for the young people that PHCET serves is through education -most of all technical education. A good quality education today is a sure shot way for any aspiring young person to pull oneself out of poverty and morass and at PHCET we fulfil this need admirably.”

Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


She wants to dub for this character because it will enhance her performance

If you will see the cover of work of Amyra Dastur she has so much on her plate, there is nothing stopping the actress from working harder and enhancing her craft. To add more authenticity to her character and performance, the actress has decided to take up Tamil lessons. Yes, Amyra is taking tuitions to learn Tamil in order to be able to dub for her upcoming films, and of course keeping her upcoming film with Prabhudeva, a psychological thriller which will see her take on a completely new avatar all together, as the top priority.

Amyra is definitely going places with the constant juggling between four films in Bollywood and two down South, all of which will be releasing this year. With Rajkumar Rao and Kangana Ranaut’s Mental Hai Kya releasing in July, Amyra also has a line up of three other films, including Made in China with Rajkumar Rao & Boman Irani, Prasthanam – Sanjay Dutt & Ali Fazal and T-Series’s ‘Koi Jaane Na’.

Amyra has been doing a lot of prepping for her role in the Adhik Ravhichandran directorial, and has also mentioned how she had to do a lot of reading to get into the skin of the character and ensure it comes about right.

After gaining immense critical praise for her Tamil debut, Anegan, opposite Dhanush in 2015, the starlet wants to impress the audience and critics again with her second Tamil film.

Commenting on the same, Amyra says, “Because of the character that I’m playing, I really want to be able to dub for this character as I feel it’ll enhance the performance that I worked so hard to achieve. One has to be extra careful while filming for a thriller and the correct emotions need to be heard and believed by the audience watching that film. What also adds to the benefit of learning Tamil is that I’ll be able to use it during my promotions there and actually understand it.  It doesn’t look good to ask people to translate whatever is said in Tamil. Actors do a lot to enhance their performances and this is just a small step towards improvement and progress.”

Abhitash SinghJune 5, 2019


MBD Disha- train the teacher’s program also explained to the teachers

 Malhotra Book Depot Group (MBD), a well-known publication group in the country, organised a training program for the teachers at People Education Society (CBSE) School in CBD-Belapur on Tuesday 4th June, 2019. Around 25 teachers, management from schools and MBD staff participated in the program.

The teachers training program was organised to train the teachers about the importance of effective teaching and classroom management. The event was organised by Dinesh Chandra Srivastava, Branch Manager of MBD group and resource person Reeti Malhotra.

Speaking at the event, Dinesh Chandra Srivastava emphasised more about their MBD Disha program and said, “We are supporting and helping the teachers to be self-dependent where they can earn more by associating with the MBD group. We train the teachers to become the trainer and also give them opportunity to join us as a trainer and earn passive income.”

Reeti Malhotra, Resource Person, MBD group, said, “Our main aim and motto by organising such type of program is to impart creative teaching methods for the new age learner and modern learner. The teachers are being taught how they can manage the classroom efficiently and what is effective teaching. We come up with unique and different approach and see that today’s teachers are empowered with the knowledge so that they can train the students in an effective way. We also cater to the modern day child with psychological aspect.”

Dinesh Chandra Srivastava, Branch Manager, MBD Group, inaugurated the program and presided over it. The event was supported by MBD Group Vice President Vijay Mishra, Area Executive of MBD Group Sandip Wagh and also Bhaskar Bhaurao Pawar, the Principal of People Education Society.

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