Day: January 9, 2019

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Abhitash SinghJanuary 9, 2019


Meenatai Thackrey Udyan at Sector 17 in Vashi is spread over an 8,200 sq meter area and it is also named after the wife of a Shiv-Sena founder and a well-known political figure Bal Saheb Thackrey but still, the garden is in urgent need of a toilet inside it. The senior citizens who frequently visit the gardens are demanding for it. One senior citizen went further and said that if the NMMC will come up with an underground toilet system than it will be good for us as well for those who are opposing the toilet inside the garden.

Earlier in 2018, the NMMC approved the toilet inside the garden, also all the materials and equipment were bought for undergoing the constructions work but due to opposition from the adjacent buildings especially women the construction work stopped. The opposition was that if the toilet will be built then there will be an unpleasant odor which will reach to their residents and it will be dangerous for their health.

When Newsband Correspondent spoke to few citizens about the overall picture about the setting up of the toilet in the garden, they said that we were in need of it but you know that good work are opposed sometimes. And we can’t blame the civic body for work not done but sometimes it’s because of the bad attitude of the citizens too.

P.M. Wazir (64) a resident of sector 17 Vashi told, “ If the toilet didn’t come in the garden than the corporator or civic body is not responsible for it but sometimes even citizens are to be blamed for it. I can say that both Sampat Shewale and his wife Dayawanti Shewale tried their level best to get a toilet in the garden which would have been very helpful for a senior citizen like us but due to opposing from many women from the Merchant’s Grain building and the plan just not taken off.”

Jaichandran.K said, “We are still in need of toilet inside the garden. It is very much needed. During winter one frequently need to go to the toilet and thus we face problems. In this garden there is a footfall of around 6000-7000 people daily so the underground toilet plan will be beneficial for both the civic body as well as a citizen. Earlier the place where the toilet was to be build has come up with the open gym for both children and senior citizens.

When Newsband spoke to local corporate Dayawanti Shewale regarding the toilet inside the garden she said, “In early 2018, we proposed a toilet inside the garden and it was also approved but due to opposing from the citizens staying in the society surrounding the garden the construction didn’t happen. But now again we will be proposing the toilet which will be built in Hutatama Babu Genu Maidan (Ground) in sector 17 which is located opposite to the Meenatai Thackrey Udyan. We will get the estimate of it and accordingly we will call for tender of the work.”

Abhitash SinghJanuary 9, 2019


No casualty reported but savings worth more than Rs.10 lakhs destroyed.

Navi Mumbai has been witnessing the regular fire incidents from past one month. Earlier there have been fire in the forest of Nerul and Panvel created by some miscreants which inquiry is still going on. Today on 9th January, 2019 another fire incident was reported in Koper Khairane shanties at around 9am in the morning.

More than 15 shanties were charred. Even though there were no casaulties reported at the spot but the savings worth more than Rs.10 lakhs were burned in thefire.

“The fire would have been caught due to the cylinder blast in one of the shanties or either by short circuit. We are investigating the cause of fire. Around 15slums were burnt badly and their belongings and hard earned money also got burnt in it. The person in whose shanty fire caught has been detained by us for inquiry” informed Suryakant Jagdale a senior police inspector of Koper Khairane police station.

He further added that, “The actual cause of the fire will be known after detailed investigation when the fire department experts will submit their report.”

Speaking to the Newsband Correspondent NMMC fire officer Amrutanand Borade said, “We have deployed 20 personnel and nine fire engines were rushed from Airoli, Vashi, Nerul and Pawane area. The fire was brought under control in 2 hours’ time. Since it was a slum with narrow lanes we faced some difficulties.”

One police official on the condition of anonymity said, “This work would have been of some miscreants. We would be doing further investigation and will come to the conclusion.”

Anarjit Chauhan an activist from Navi Mumbai said, ” I don’t know why there have been regular fire incidents in Navi Mumbai. Leaving today incident wherefire took place either due to short circuit or cylinder blast, the past fire in Panvel & Nerul is by some unknown trespassers. They deliberately set dry grass onfire and the reason fire quickly spreads and destroys the biodiversity. This is such a shame. We have urged the forest authority to strictly deal with the culprits who are regularly causing such widespread damage.”

Abhitash SinghJanuary 9, 2019


Not only the Mumbai commuters but also the commuters from Navi Mumbai faced the ire of the strike called on 8th January, 2019 by the employees of Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) for several of their demands. There were not even single BEST buses plying on the road of Navi Mumbai.

The commuters who travel to Mumbai from Navi Mumbai on best buses for their job were seen queuing up near Best bus stops were seen heading back home when they didn’t found any bus. Even the authorities allowed private buses to ferry the passengers but they were inadequate.

Sunil Nikam a resident from Bhandup who travels to Nerul by bus daily for his job said, “ I went to bus stop as usual but didn’t found any bus and latter came to know from the another commuter that there is a BEST bus strike today. The auto drivers were taking the benefits of the situation and they were charging exhorbitantly.”

Seeta Yadav from Mulund said that she take her daughter who is blind to the Helen Keller institute in Mhape for school but today she can’t take her due to the strike of best employees. And the autorickshaws drivers were asking for Rs 200 from Mulund to Mhape which is too high. Instead of helping the commuters in this type of situation the auto drivers were just taking the benefit of the situation to rake of few more moolahs in their pocket.

Many commuters also took to social media to show their anger and they tweeted comments like there was less traffic on roads due to the non-operation of BEST buses and overcharging by auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers.

Speaking to the Newsband a BEST officer on the condition of anonymity said, “On 8th January, 2019, there was no operation of buses in all the 27 bus depots. Out of the 2,200 drivers, only eight reported to work and one conductor out of 2,259 was present. The strike has been called by BEST Sanyukta Kamgar Kruti Samiti (BSKKS), a joint action committee of several labour unions.

The Samiti is demanding higher grade pay for employees recruited from 2007 onwards, bonus equivalent to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) staffers, a merger of BEST budget with that of BMC, resuming appointments and deliberations on new wage agreement that was supposed to come into effect from April 2016.

The BEST bus service is the second largest mass transport system in Mumbai after the suburban trains.

Abhitash SinghJanuary 9, 2019


Increase in the supply of potatoes from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and also increase of supply of onions from Lasalgaon have bought down the rates of potatoes as well as onions in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) market in Vashi.

On one hand the consumers are happy with the decline in the prices of the potatoes and onions, but on the other hand, farmers are not happy because they are not able to get the benefits of it. They are not getting the prices they want even after the increase in the supply of potatoes and onions. Recently they have sent the benefits of Rs 1100 they received against 750 kg of onions to the Prime Minister in anger.

Ashok Walunj, a wholesale trader and APMC director at Vashi’s Onion-Potato market said, “Potatoes are not grown in Maharashtra they are mainly supplied from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and West Bengal. We have been receiving 70-80 truckloads of potatoes in the Market. As the supply is also more and the previous year production of potatoes were good and still they are in stock the prices has come from last 4-5 weeks. Whereas in the wholesale market the prices of potatoes are Rs 8-10 per kg and it depends in the retail market according to the area but it varies from Rs 15-20 per kg, the prices of old onions are 3-4 Rs per kg and Rs 8-10 per kg for new onions in the wholesale market and in the retail market the price is between Rs 12-15 per kg.”

He sarcastically added that “In India, the rise and decline in prices of potatoes and onions sometimes decide the fate of the government, but here that is not the case, in fact, the supply from potatoes producing states has been very good from last two weeks and the reason there is decline in the prices. But the market will return to normalcy after 14th January that is during Makarsankranti and the rate will again be regular.’

Another wholesaler from the Market Ganesh Pingle informed, “The price of both potatoes and onions have declined because of increase in supply. Potatoes is costing Rs 15 per kg whereas Onions too is at Rs 12-15kg in the retail market whereas in the wholesale market the price of potato is Rs 8 per kg and onion is Rs 6 per kg

Navi Mumbai witnessed a price drop of onions and potatoes

Prices of potatoes and onions on December 15 th and on January 8th

December 15, 2018               January 8, 2019

Potato Rs 20-25 per kg           Potato Rs 15 per kg

Onion Rs 30 per kg                 Onion Rs 12-15per kg

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